Everything to Know About Narrowing a Wide or Broad Nose

What Does Narrowing a Wide or Broad Nose Mean?

The procedure for narrowing a wide or broad nose is called wide nose rhinoplasty. Wide nose reduction surgery can narrow a wide nasal bone by cutting and reshaping it. It is a popular form of nose reshaping surgery throughout the world. The nose plays an important role because it is located at the centre of the face. With wide nose rhinoplasty performed by specialist plastic surgeon Dr Doyle, you can achieve the aesthetic results you desire and correct any functional issues.

Am I a Good Candidate for Narrowing a Wide or Broad Nose?

Narrowing a broad or wide nose is a great option for those who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. If you are trying to decide whether or not you are a good candidate for this treatment, here are a few qualifying factors to consider:

  • You are in good overall health and would like to improve the appearance of the nose.
  • Your nose is wide and flat
  • Your nose appears large due to the thickness of the bridge
  • The width of the nose is unequally proportioned with facial features
  • You are not satisfied with your nose and want to make it narrow.
  • If you are looking for surgery to correct functional issues such as nasal obstruction that impairs breathing.
  • Your nose is asymmetrical and needs fixing.
  • Your nose is completely developed, usually in male at 18 years and female at 16 years.
  • You have a realistic goal regarding the improvement of your appearance.

Benefits of Narrowing a Wide or Broad Nose

The wide nose rhinoplasty has both aesthetic and functional benefits. Both of these aesthetic and functional problems can be solved in one surgery with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon and can have a significant impact on your life. Reshaping and resizing the nose can improve a person’s overall appearance. As the nose is what most people first notice about a person’s face, an unattractive nose may distract away attention from lips and eyes.

In addition to cosmetic appearance, the wide nose rhinoplasty corrects functional abnormalities like nasal obstruction. The wide nose rhinoplasty creates the proper proportion giving a more sculpted and pleasing appearance to the nose. If you suffer from breathing difficulties, your surgery may attract a Medicare benefit.

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Journey


The first step of your journey to obtain a narrower nose is your initial consultation with Dr Doyle. During this consultation, you will discuss your goals for undergoing wide nose rhinoplasty and Dr Doyle will determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for the procedure.

Dr Doyle will explain the details of the wide nose rhinoplasty procedure along with the benefits and risks of it so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

It is strongly recommended that you are completely honest and candid with Dr Doyle when discussing your expectations and goals for the surgery. This will allow him to ensure that the desired results are achieved. If they cannot be achieved solely by narrowing a wide or broad nose, he may recommend other associated procedures you can undergo at the same time to meet your expectations. This may include cosmetic traditional rhinoplasty, tip rhinoplasty, nostril reduction surgery and medically necessary septoplasty surgery.

At your initial consultation, Dr Doyle will discuss with you the options available, and you can select the one which you prefer. He will discuss how to achieve the best results, surgical techniques, recovery time and the longevity of your results. You will also have a comprehensive discussion regarding risk and complications associated with wide nose surgery.


If you choose to proceed with the surgery, you will be evaluated for your general health to undergo surgery. If you are on certain medications, you may be asked to stop them a few days or weeks before surgery. You may also be advised to embark on a nutrition plan to ensure optimal healing and results.


Narrowing a wide or broad nose is never a minor surgery and should always be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Dr Doyle always performs significant nasal surgery under general anaesthesia (which means you are unconscious). It is always combined with numbing of the nose with local anaesthesia mixed with adrenaline to minimise bleeding. This local anaesthetic is administered once you are asleep.

The wide nose surgery is of two types: open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty is performed when the nose needs a major reconstruction or shaping of bone is required, as it provides greater access to the inside of the nose. This approach is Dr Doyle’s preferred technique.

Closed rhinoplasty is done without scars on the outside of the nose and is done using incisions only inside the nostril. It is used for minor nose reconstruction or for working on thick skin or removing excess nose cartilage.

To narrow the width of the nose the nasal bones need to be cut and then moved towards each other. This is known as an osteotomy.

Post-Operative Recovery

Recovery after narrowing a wide or broad nose is fairly comfortable for the patient. After the operation, a nasal cast will be applied to ensure proper healing. The cast is typically removed after 5 days. Some postoperative suggestion for the patients are:

  • It is important to remain in close contact with your surgeon to prevent any healing complications.
  • Avoid heat injuries such as saunas and using heaters that are too close to you.
  • Limit your physical exertion and keep your nose above your heart.
  • Always follow the prescribed course of rehabilitation procedures by Dr Doyle.
  • Avoid any activities that can cause trauma to your nose for 2-3 weeks.
  • Eat well and prioritise nutrition.
  • As a rule, the cast (splint) is removed after 5 days. All stitches are dissolvable and do not need removal.
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Risks and Complications of Narrowing a Wide or Broad Nose

Patients should expect certain side effects after their wide nose is narrowed. There are certain risks related to anaesthetic medication such as drug allergy and hypersensitivity and local side effects like bleeding, hematoma, infection, and sometimes injury to nearby structures. Complications following rhinoplasty are uncommon. The most common complications occurring after narrowing a wide or broad nose are:

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Clotting of blood

However, other symptoms can not be ruled out like:

  • Adhesion, where scar tissue forms deep inside your nose,
  • Redness,
  • Bruising and swelling,
  • Development of an abscess,
  • Injury to nerves,
  • Reduction of the sense of smell
  • Cosmetic problems; requiring revision surgery for correction and
  • Poor air entry

Even though serious complications are rare, patients are still susceptible to them after their surgical procedure. Therefore patients need to keep an eye out for the possible signs of serious complications.

You should discuss these side-effects with Dr Doyle in detail to be able to make an informed decision. It is important to note that most of the complications and side-effects of narrowing a wide or broad nose procedure can be avoided by choosing a qualified and highly-skilled specialist plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Book a consultation with Dr Doyle today.

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a nose job cost for a wide nose?

The average cost for a wide nose rhinoplasty will vary quite significantly, and this is dependent on several factors. The surgeon’s level of expertise, the condition of your nose, type of surgery required and the extent of reconstruction to be done will vary the surgery price. For more detailed information about the cost of the procedure, you can book a consultation with Dr Doyle or view our pricing resources:

Can a wide nose be fixed?

A wide nose can be modified by cutting the nasal bones and moving them towards each other. This is known as rhinoplasty.

Can a big nose be made smaller?

A wide nose can be made smaller by a surgical procedure called Wide Nose Rhinoplasty. It is performed to change the shape of nasal bones and cartilage. This procedure gives the desired shape and contour to the nose. However, the skin covering the nose cannot be changed. A big nose can be made smaller by Rhinoplasty but if you have very thick skin desiring significant transitions, you will have to limit your expectations. For more detailed information, you can book a consultation with Dr Doyle.

Why is my nose so wide?

People may find their noses aesthetically unpleasant for several reasons. Some cases of the wide nose are related to genetics and are more common among certain ethnic groups. If you have a short nasal bridge, this also can make your nose look bigger and wider. In some cases, the nose may look bigger following an accident or injury to the nose.

How painful is a nose job?

Nose jobs usually aren’t very painful, though in some cases tenderness or aches are felt due to blockage of the nose and pressure. Rest is very important following your nose job. You may have some minor pain during the first couple of days, but significant pain is very uncommon. Dr Doyle will be able to talk with you in advance about some pain management options and provide you with a prescription for pain relief.

What do you do with a big nose?

Some people are born with a big nose. If you are unsatisfied with aesthetics or having functional problems like trouble breathing, you have several options to consider. The most suitable and permanent option can be a surgical way to fix this by nose narrowing procedure called rhinoplasty. In this procedure, the surgeon will likely have to break the nose (cut the nasal bones) and reconstruct it.

What is the perfect nose?

This is a tricky question and a perfect nose depends entirely on the individual’s face to whom it belongs. There are many different ideas about what sizes and angles of features create the most aesthetically pleasing facial appearance. It is also very important that the nose and chin of a person’s face work well together.

Is a nose job safe?

Most cases of rhinoplasty are performed under general anaesthesia, which means you are completely asleep. It is exceptionally low risk even in sick and elderly people. Serious complications such as bleeding, infection, or allergies related to anaesthesia are quite rare but can be treated effectively.

Can a nose job make your nose smaller?

Having a disproportionately large nose can negatively impact your appearance and may make you feel embarrassed about the way that you look. Fortunately, you can easily make your nose smaller with a nose job.

Is my nose getting bigger?

The nose indeed gets bigger with age. Over increasing age, the cartilage and bones of the nose also keep on growing and shift slowly over time. This is why the nose appears to get bigger and longer over time.

How can I get a free nose job?

Your insurance company usually may not cover the cost of rhinoplasty if it is entirely a cosmetic surgical procedure. If it is done to improve or correct breathing, then they may pay a small amount towards the cost. You can learn more about this in our blog, Will Medicare Cover My Nose Surgery?

How much can a nose job change a face?

As the nose is central to your face,  it plays an important role in your facial balance. Even a slightly disproportionate or asymmetrical nose can have a significant effect on the harmony of your face. A  nose job can have a huge and lasting effect on the appearance of the face.

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