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Breast Implant Removal
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Breast Implant Removal
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Removing Breast Implants Surgery in Queensland Australia

An increasing number of patients with breast implants are now undergoing treatment to remove them with breast implant removal, also known as En Bloc Explant surgery.

Breast implant removal is a viable option for women who no longer want their implants following breast augmentation. Breast lift surgery is a popular procedure for women who choose to remove (and not replace) their breast implants, as this can correct any stretching that took place due to the implants. Replacement of breast implants (breast implant revision) can correct changes in the breast shape that occurred due to the formation of scar tissue (capsule).

Reasons for Getting Implants Removed

  • The original surgery not giving you the results you desired
  • The implants have slipped into a lower position
  • A rupture in the implant
  • Saggy breasts caused by the weight of the implant
  • The implants have become displaced causing breast distortion
  • Breast Implant Illness (BII) – see our blog
  • Risks of Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) associated with Textured Implants

About Breast Implant Removal

The big decision was made to have Breast Augmentation/Implants. However, since breast implants consist of insertion of the prosthesis into the mammary gland, they are not made to last a lifetime.

No matter what type of implants you have, saline or silicone, there is still a risk for leakage, or even rupture.  However, with improvements in surgical techniques and implants, the rate of problems caused by capsules has declined.

There are several reasons you may want your Breast Implants removed.  The age of the implants, there may be an issue with the implant, you may want larger or smaller breast or you simply have chosen that you no longer want to have breast implants.  There is no wrong reason.  It is a personal decision.

Women may also be responding to a new cultural norm. Being super fit is now considered the epitome of beauty, just as being waifish or having a pear shape once was.

Many women are concerned that their natural breasts will look unattractive and deflated if they don’t replace their implants, yet at the same time, they don’t really want implants anymore.  Again, this is a personal choice and something that Dr Doyle will discuss with you in a consultation.

This procedure will take approximately 1 hour under general anaesthetic and postoperative pain is minimal. As is the case with breast augmentation surgery patients may return to work within 2 to 3 weeks. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for 6 weeks.

Give our clinic a call on 0755 980988 and one of our receptionists will organise a consultation with Dr Doyle.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

breast implant removal en bloc

You may be a good candidate for breast implant removal (en-bloc) surgery if you:

  • You wish to reduce the weight and volume of your breasts
  • Suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of your implants
  • Are experiencing postural problems
  • Are experiencing fashion limitations and social discomfort
  • Are wanting to achieve a more natural breast shape and look
  • Your implants have dropped and your breasts are sagging
  • Your implants have moved position since they were put in
  • You have problems with infection, capsular contracture, asymmetry, displacement or leaking silicone.

What are the benefits of taking out my implants?

Whether you’re unhappy with your breast augmentation results or have experienced a problem relating to putting implants in, taking them out can help you to:

  • Improve posture and relieve your back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Change the shape and size of your existing implants
  • Participate in lifestyle activities that your breast implants limit you from
  • Address concerns of breast implant illness or BIA-ALCL
  • Attract Medicare and Health Insurance rebates

Breast Implant Removal Before and Afters

  • removal of breast implants before and after photos
  • breast implant removal before and after photos
  • before and after images breast implant removal

View All Breast Implant Removal Before and After Images

Breast Implant Replacement

Generally, patients request an implant removal when they are no longer happy with their breast augmentation results. However, in the instance that you do not want to go back to having 100% natural breast contours, the procedure can be extended to have the original implant removed and replaced to either achieve greater breast enlargement or a more natural look. To read more about replacement implants visit our breast implant replacement page.

Breast Explant Without Replacement

If you have had a change in lifestyle and no longer desire your implants, our team can bring your breasts back to their original size and shape. Another option would be to combine breast implant removal with a breast lift (mastopexy). This is becoming an increasingly popular procedure among breast explant patients.

Commonly Combined With

Breast Implant Removal surgery is popularly combined with Breast Lift Surgery. This is called an Explant with Breast Lift and can deliver great, natural-looking results. This helps to lift the breasts and can address any sagging or stretching that may have occurred due to the size of the original breast implant. This presents as a good combination operation if you don’t wish to replace your breast implants as it will help to achieve a more cohesive result.

Another option for women wanting to retain a similar breast shape is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation. It can increase the breasts by a small amount, about one cup size, to give more volume and cleavage. This surgery result typically won’t require follow-up surgery as there is no foreign implant being used, and your own fat instead.

Breast implant removal also combines well with Tummy Tuck surgery for total body transformation. The combination of breast and tummy surgery is called a Mummy Makeover and is incredibly popular with women who have finished their families and want to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies.

There are many benefits of combining multiple procedures into one surgery date. These include having only one recovery period, saving on out of pocket costs, reducing anaesthesia related risks and also having more dramatic transformation.

The En Bloc Technique

It is essential to preserve the shape of the original breast when performing breast implant removal surgery. The En Bloc technique is generally performed on ruptured implants or in more complex cases.

En Bloc technique is used by Dr Mark Doyle in which the breast implant and its surrounding scar tissue (capsule) are removed in one piece. By removing the breast capsule and implant together, it reduces the risk of any fluid leaking into your breast tissue, capsular contracture being an example.

If this isn’t possible, the implant will first be removed, followed by the capsule.

My preference is to remove implants in an “enbloc” type of procedure whenever possible as it limits the patient’s exposure to the implants and its surface as well as potential silicone exposure if their implants are ruptured. An en-bloc removal of implants involves the removal of the implant with all of its capsule intact in one piece. Once the implant and capsule have been removed from the body, it is opened to check on the status of the implant and the capsule. Complete removal of the capsule is also important in those patients who have had textured silicone implants in the past to minimise the risk of BIA-ALCL – an uncommon lymphoma (a type of cancer) occurring in the capsule of a textured implant,” says Dr Mark.

Does Breast Implant Removal Surgery Alleviate Symptoms of Breast Implant Illness?

While relatively uncommon, it’s possible that patients may react to their breast implants and fall ill with a condition called breast implant illness. Dr Mark has witnessed it first hand.

“I see a lot of patients with breast implant illness and I am a firm believer that the condition exists. It can be very debilitating. It’s logical that as everybody is different, some patients will react to the breast implants differently to others. Compared to the number of implants that have been inserted it is an uncommon condition,” says Dr Mark.

“All patients of mine have a procedure that involves breast implantation are fully informed regarding the possibility of this condition occurring.”

My personal experience is that the majority of patients with this condition have a significant improvement in symptoms when the implants and their capsules are removed,” says Dr Mark.

Recovery Time After Breast Implant Removal

The recovery time after breast implant removal will vary but you can generally expect to return to your usual occupation within one to two weeks, and return to your normal exercise routine within a month.

The En Bloc Technique at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

Dr Doyle always uses the En Bloc technique for full removal of breast implants with their surrounding capsules. This ensures that there is no silicone gel left behind in the body.

Instead of simply slicing through a capsule and removing the implants, Dr Doyle will remove the whole capsule surrounding the implant. This ensures no scar tissue or silicone gel (if the implant is ruptured) gets left behind in the body.

To find out more about this procedure or to book your consultation with Dr Doyle, contact the Doyle team at The Gold Coast Plastic Surgery today!

Breast Implant Removal FAQs

remove my breast implants brisbane qld australia

What is the estimated recovery period following breast implant removal?

The recovery period will be different for every patient. On average, however, patients can expect a recovery period of one to two weeks. After a week, most of the bruising and tenderness will have subsided and patients will be able to drive and return to work. As with your augmentation surgery though, any vigorous exercise or heavy lifting will need to be avoided for about a month. Scarring will appear worse than it is during the first three months but the incision marks will fade, especially if you care for them correctly. We will also require you to attend a post-operative appointment so that Dr Doyle can monitor your healing process.

How much does breast implant removal cost?

Several different elements are factored into the final cost of a breast implant removal procedure, including the surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital fees. The final cost will vary between patients because of unique surgery requirements and medical considerations. The best way to receive a more accurate quotation is to schedule a consultation. While cost is certainly important, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. Under certain conditions, breast implant removal surgery may qualify for a Medicare rebate. It all depends on the reasons for wanting to remove your implants. We can tell you more about whether you qualify during your consultation.

You can access our list of pricing resources to find about more about the cost of breast implant removal surgery:

Will I need a breast lift once my implants are removed?

Whether or not a breast lift is required following breast implant removal is dependent on the condition of your skin, how long you’ve had the implants for and the size of the implants. Not all patients will require a lift. However, there is a chance that your breasts will look flatter and wrinkled after the removal, in which case, a lift will be recommended. Dr Doyle can give you a better idea about whether a lift will be required during your consultation.

Will my breasts still look natural following implant removal?

Yes, your breasts can still look natural once your implants are removed. However, to achieve a more natural outcome, an additional procedure such as a lift or fat transfer will be required. Dr Doyle will work with you to find an approach that will ensure you achieve your goals and feel good about your appearance. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to breast implant removal surgery.

Should I consider replacing my implants?

This all depends on your reasons for wanting to remove your implants. If you’ve been happy with your breast implants but have experienced a complication such as capsular contracture, you may choose to insert new implants. However, if your lifestyle has changed or you’re concerned about certain risks and complications, you may choose to remove your breast implants for good.

What are the Risks and Complications of breast implant removal?

The risks and potential complications associated with breast implant removal is very similar to other types of surgery. Infection, haematoma and anaesthesia-related complications are all possible. Numbness and scarring are some of the other potential risks associated with this surgery. Dr Doyle will ensure that you are fully aware of any potential risks and complications prior to your procedure. With the help of proven surgical techniques and by following the necessary aftercare instructions, there’s no reason why risks should be a cause for concern.

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