breast implant removal is indeed a viable option for women who no longer want their implantsBreast lift surgery is a popular procedure for women who choose to remove (and not replace) their breast implants, as this can correct any stretching that took place due to the implants.

Reasons for Getting Implants Removed

  • A rupture in the implant
  • Breast implant illness – read more click here to view our blog
  • Saggy breasts caused by the weight of the implant
  • The original surgery not giving you the results you desired
  • The implants have slipped into a lower position
  • The implants have become displaced causing breast distortion

Breast Explant and Replacement

Generally, patients request a breast implant removal when they are no longer happy with their breast augmentation. However, in the instance that you do not want to go back to having 100% natural breast contour, the procedure can be extended to have the original implant removed and then replaced with a new implant.

Breast Implant Replacement

To read more about breast implant replacements, click here.

Breast Explant Without Replacement

If you have had a change in lifestyle and no longer desire your implants, our team can bring your breasts back to their original size and shape. Another option could be to combine a breast removal with a breast lift. This is becoming an increasingly popular procedure amongst breast explant patients.

The En Bloc technique

It is essential to preserve the shape of the original breast when performing breast implant removal surgery. The En Bloc technique is generally performed on ruptured implants or more complex cases.

An En Bloc Breast Implant Removal requires removing the capsule with the implant still inside to allow your body recuperation to health. If this isn’t possible, the implant will first be removed and followed by the capsule. En Bloc Breast Implant Removal is a technique used by Dr Doyle in which the breast implant and its surrounding scar tissue (capsule) is removed in one piece.

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Recovery Time After Breast Implant Removal

The recovery time after a breast explanation can vary but you can generally expect to return to your usual occupation within one to two weeks and return to your normal exercise routine within a month.

The En Bloc technique at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery

The following videos demonstrate Dr. Doyle’s technique of full removal of breast implants with their surrounding capsules. This ensures that there is no silicone gel left behind in the body.

Dr. Doyle removing the full capsule surrounding breast implants

Dr. Doyle demonstrating a capsule containing a ruptured breast implant

Instead of simply slicing through capsule and removing the implants, Dr. Doyle has removed the whole capsule surrounding the implant.
This has ensured that no silicone gel from the ruptured implant was left behind in the body.

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