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Tip Rhinoplasty or mini nose job is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can help refine the shape of your nose tip. A tip rhinoplasty, performed by specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Doyle, is a minimally invasive, surgical alternative to a Full Rhinoplasty.

Your nasal tip is the most prominent part of your face and thus contributes to the overall appearance of your face in addition to just the nose. If the tip of your nose is bulbous or out of proportion with other parts of your nose you may be a great candidate for a bulbous nose job or tip rhinoplasty.

What is a tip rhinoplasty?

Tip rhinoplasty typically has minimal scarring and is a less invasive version of full rhinoplasty. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps improve the shape of your nasal tip enhancing the overall appearance of your nose and face in general.

Your nose tip is made of cartilage whereas the nasal bridge is bony in composition. Tip rhinoplasty is done by altering the cartilaginous tip without operating and altering bony structures present in the nasal bridge. If you would like to alter the bony structures of your nose or suffer breathing difficulties due to problems with your septum, we recommend reading up on rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery.

Reducing your nasal tip gives your nose a sharper point and reduces nose width thus providing your nose and facial features a much-balanced look. It is also known as a mini nose job or Tip Plasty. This surgery is suitable for you if your main concern regarding your nose is the tip and not its shape, size, structure, or length.

Specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Mark Doyle will help you achieve the best nasal tip size that perfectly suits and enhances your facial features.

Am I a good candidate for Tip Rhinoplasty?

If your area of concern is your nasal tip and not the structure, shape, size or length of your entire nose, you may be a suitable candidate for a Tip Rhinoplasty surgery. A Mini Nose Job is suitable for you if you have a deformity of the nasal tip including:

  • A bulging/bulbous nasal tip
  • Wide nasal tip that looks out of proportion to other facial features
  • Hooked ‘parrot beak’ nose tip
  • Low nasal tip
  • Projected nasal tip
  • Long nasal tip
  • Short nasal tip
  • Flat nasal tip
  • Collapsed nasal tip
  • Narrow nasal tip

The best candidates for Tip Rhinoplasty are adults who don’t smoke and are in good physical and mental health. To be a good candidate you must hold realistic expectations about what this surgery can achieve. You’ll need to understand what the potential changes will do to your overall appearance.

Dr Doyle helps you understand what these changes may look like after surgery with the help of 3D planning tool, Crisalix.

“I use 3D planning tools on all my nose surgery patients to allow them more input into the results they wish to achieve with their surgery,” says Dr Doyle.

This 3D simulation of results provides a guide only – it is not 100% accurate and results may vary depending on a number of factors.

Book a consultation to find out if you meet the criteria for Tip Rhinoplasty surgery.

What are the benefits of a tip rhinoplasty?

Tip Rhinoplasty is an excellent procedure for you if the appearance of your nasal tip or your nostrils bothers you. Tip Rhinoplasty is a highly sought-after procedure that can achieve a number of aesthetic benefits including:

  • It can give you a more defined nasal tip and improves the overall aesthetics of your face.
  • It can help lift a drooping nasal tip
  • It can help reduce bulbous or wide nasal tip.
  • It can help rebalance your nostrils
  • It can reduce nasal flaring
  • It can help straighten a curved nasal tip
  • It may help improve nasal function and breathing in certain cases.
  • It may help enhance your self-confidence

As well as improving the appearance of the nasal tip, a Tip Plasty also has the medical benefits of improving nasal function and breathing. If this procedure is performed with Septoplasty – a procedure to treat a deviated or crooked nasal septum – the results are not only a well-sculpted nasal tip but also improved breathing and reduced snoring.

If the appearance of your nose tip bothers you – it is lowering your self-confidence and have issues related to self-image, book a consultation with Dr Doyle to learn how you can benefit from a tip rhinoplasty.

What’s involved in a tip rhinoplasty procedure?

Tip rhinoplasty or mini nose job is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure designed to help refine the shape of your nose tip giving your face a more enhanced appearance. It is a viable and less invasive alternative to full rhinoplasty if your problem is the shape of your nose tip. The procedure aims at giving you a symmetrical nasal tip with the correct projection, rotation, and proportion to other parts of the nose and face in general. It is done as an outpatient procedure meaning you will be able to go home on the day of the surgery following a few hours of monitoring.

This surgery typically takes under an hour to complete and can be done using two different techniques.

techniques in tip rhinoplasty procedure queensland australia
  • The closed technique: In this technique the incision is made on the inside of your nostril, thus giving you no visible scarring after the procedure
  • The open technique: In this technique, an incision is made on the skin in between the nostrils called the columella. This technique is associated with minimal visible scarring. Dr Doyle uses this method as it gives greater visibility of the nasal structures and allows a lot more control of the tip giving a much more predictable and pleasing result.

Depending on your needs, the appearance of your nose can be improved by one of two ways, cartilage surgery or a nostril/ alar reduction surgery.

In cartilage surgery, the tip of the nose is altered by targeting the nasal cartilage.

The Cartilage is commonly be reshaped, repositioned and reduced in size. If it needs an increase in size cartilage grafts which can be taken from the septum inside the nose. Less commonly cartilage can be taken from an ear or rib if the tip needs to be made larger.

If you have a short and upward facing nose, the septal cartilage of the nose can be repositioned giving you a more well-defined nose.

Ala Reduction surgery is done to reduce the size of your nostrils which will also change the shape of the nasal tip. This is done by removing a small piece of the nostril above the lip.

Stages of the procedure

The following steps outline different stages of the procedure

Anaesthesia: You will be sedated using either IV sedation or under general anesthesia depending on what technique is required to ensure full comfort during the procedure. Dr Mark will recommend the best option best for you.

Making the incision: The incision can be made either on the inside of your nostril or in the columella (the skin present in between your nostrils) depending on the method of nose tip correction. Either way, your surgeon will make sure you have small or no visible post-operative scarring.

Nose tip correction: Following appropriate incision your surgeon enhances the appearance of your nose using one of the variants of either cartilage surgery or alar reduction. After adequate correction, the incision site is stitched with absorbable sutures.

Post-Operative recovery: Immediately following the surgery you may experience pain, swelling, and bruising around your nose. You will be prescribed pain medications for these. The recovery is generally quicker than traditional rhinoplasty. Stitches get absorbed on their own. You will be able to go home on the day of the surgery itself but you will someone to drive you home.

How long does it take to recover following a tip rhinoplasty?

Tip rhinoplasty is associated with less downtime and faster recovery than full rhinoplasty. Swelling can take up to 6 months to fully subside. For 5 days following the surgery, you will require to wear a nasal splint. This helps keep the bones and cartilages of your nose protected and helps minimize swelling. You should avoid engaging in strenuous physical activities or exercise for the first two to three weeks. Glasses should not be worn for up to three weeks after surgery and you should avoid picking or blowing your nose. Cigarette smoking should also be avoided for at least 3 weeks after the surgery as this can result in delayed wound healing.

Following your surgeons advice and taking the prescribed medications for the recovery period, can help you have a comfortable recovery. Any complications during the recovery period should be immediately brought to the attention of your surgeon.

Why choose Dr Mark Doyle?

Dr Mark Doyle Best Top Queensland Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mark Doyle is a highly skilled specialist plastic and cosmetic surgeon who has received his training from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the US.

He puts his patient’s safety and wellbeing as his priority. He approaches every case with up-to-date knowledge and highly innovative techniques to achieve the best results.

Tip Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

How is tip rhinoplasty different from full rhinoplasty?

A full rhinoplasty alters all aspects of your nose including the bridge, bone, hook, and cartilage. It helps create a symmetrical and proportionate nose by altering the shape and size of the nasal bone and septal cartilage.

Tip Rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is a variant of traditional rhinoplasty that targets the nasal tip, nostrils, and cartilaginous part of the nose. The bony structure of the nose is left untouched during the procedure. It is suitable for people dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose tip. It is less invasive than traditional rhinoplasty. It has less downtime and a shorter recovery period as compared to full rhinoplasty.

How long does Tip Rhinoplasty take to heal?

The healing process for a Tip Rhinoplasty can last up to 12 months with final results visible at this time. Results may become visible within the first two to three months following your operation.

Initial recovery is just two to three weeks, however swelling may hide the final results of the surgery. The full results may take up to a year to become visible.

Am I too young for a Mini Nose Job?

You can undergo a Mini Nose Job at any point of your young adult life as long as you meet the criteria to be a successful candidate. If your desired results cannot be achieved with a Tip Rhinoplasty, a Full Rhinoplasty may be the recommended alternative.

How long does tip rhinoplasty take?

Depending on the method of surgery and the characteristics of your nasal tip, the procedure may take anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Is tip rhinoplasty risky?

Tip Rhinoplasty, when performed by a specialist plastic surgeon, has minimal risks and complications. Uncommon risks include temporary numbness, swelling, or bruising, all of which will resolve with time.

How much does a tip rhinoplasty cost?

Depending upon the requirements, the cost of tip rhinoplasty is different from person to person. The total cost also includes the anesthetist fee, surgeon’s fee, and the hospital’s fee. Also as a mini nose job is a cosmetic surgical procedure usually done without medical indications, you will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate. You can learn about how much you can expect to spend on the surgery by booking a consultation with Dr Doyle.

You can access our list of pricing resources to find about more about the cost of tip plasty surgery:

Does a mini nose job hurt?

You will not feel pain during the surgery as your surgeon will have anesthetized you. Mild pain can be experienced for the first few days following the surgery. You will be prescribed pain killer medications by your surgeon to relieve pain during your recovery period.

What are the Potential Risks of a mini nose job?

A mini nose job is a safe surgery but it is not risk-free. Like all surgical procedures, it is associated with potential risks and complications. Your doctor will talk you through these risks and complications and will teach you appropriate steps to avoid them

Potential risks and complications associated include:

  • Complications related to anesthesia including allergic reactions
  • Infection
  • Severe bruising
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Loss of sensation around the nose
  • Difficulty breathing
  • The need for secondary rhinoplasty

The nose is a crucial organ of your body assisting in multiple functions including breathing, providing immunity, and olfactory functions. So you must undergo a Tip rhinoplasty or any nasal surgery from an expert surgeon.

Is tip rhinoplasty worth it?

Tip Rhinoplasty is an effective and highly beneficial procedure that helps to achieve a more balanced appearance of your nose and facial structure. As it leaves behind minimal visible scarring, this procedure has a very high patient satisfaction rate.

Book a consultation with our skilled specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Mark Doyle, to discuss the procedure in detail and decide if you would like to undergo tip rhinoplasty.

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