Forehead Lines Anti Wrinkle Treatment

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Forehead lines are a common concern with aging. They can be caused by the natural process of aging, but may also result from excessive frowning or squinting over time. For many people, forehead anti-wrinkle injections can provide an optimal solution because they work to temporarily smooth out these lines and wrinkles in just one treatment session!

How to reduce forehead lines with injectables

Forehead line injections are a non-invasive treatment, which uses an anti-wrinkle injectable to smooth out your forehead lines. The treatment is typically performed by injecting small amounts of product into the muscles on your forehead. This causes a smoothing effect on these lines and reduces their appearance over time. 

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?


Anti-wrinkle injections reduce the effects of these muscles by paralysing them for a short period of time so they cannot cause any more creases in your skin. It also prevents forehead lines from getting deeper.

Reduced Lines

Injectables work to relax the muscles that produce wrinkles and improve your appearance by smoothing out those deep-set wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes or in between your eyebrows. 

When you are looking for a quick fix to your forehead lines, it is important that you seek out the best treatment. The results of a forehead line injectables are not permanent and will only last up to four months before they start to fade away. While this may be discouraging news for some, there are other methods available which work better with long-term results. If you have a heavy, sagging brow, an endoscopic brow lift may be the preferred option.

What causes forehead wrinkles?

Many people will get a wrinkle on their forehead when they are concentrating or thinking hard. The reason for the wrinkles is that the muscle between our eyebrows, called the corrugator supercilii, compresses and creates these lines. While you can’t prevent these lines from forming, injectables are a good option to reduce their visibility.

Why get forehead line wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a very popular treatment for people who want to look younger. They can be used in many places on the face, but one of the most common areas is the forehead lines which usually start at or near the hairline and extend down over the eyebrows. Men and women choose to get this treatment to help them appear more refreshed.

Who is a good candidate?

A person who is a good candidate for anti-wrinkle forehead injections is those with slight or deep wrinkles in the forehead area. Anti-wrinkle frown injections can help soften or eliminate these types of wrinkles by injecting a small amount of anti-wrinkle injectables into specific muscles. It doesn’t take long before you’ll see results!

Forehead Line Injectables – FAQs

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How long does it take?

Forehead anti-wrinkle treatment takes less than 30 minutes to complete and can give you a significant improvement in just one session! 

Does it hurt?

Most people do not experience any pain during or after the injection process. However, some people may feel slight discomfort for a few hours following the procedure. 

What’s the recovery period like?

Forehead line injections are relatively low risk; however, they can be associated with adverse reactions including bruising and swelling.

What are the risks?

Having a consultation regarding your medical background and desired results before undergoing anti-wrinkle injections plays a crucial role in mitigating possible risks. Some potential risks may include:

  • Bruising and temporary redness
  • Temporary muscle weakness or slight drooping
  • Possible mild discomfort, such as headaches
  • Temporary eyelid or brow drooping

Are the results of anti-wrinkle injections immediate?

The results of anti-wrinkle injections are not immediate but typically take about two weeks to show up fully on your face although some people notice a difference as soon as seven days after treatment. 

How long do anti-wrinkle treatment results last?

Anti-wrinkle treatment results will vary depending on the type and severity of your skin condition as well as the product you choose to use. For example: If you have moderate wrinkles on your forehead then a few injections may be enough to provide relief for up to four months before needing another treatment. If you have deeper lines, you may need to come back after the first few weeks for a “top-up” depending on how your body takes to the treatment.

What products do you use? 

Please note that due to TGA guidelines, we are unable to advertise the brand names of anti-wrinkle injectables on our website. However, we stock the leading brands of all anti-wrinkle injectables and are able to discuss these freely during your consultation.

Do I need a consultation?

Yes. This is a prescription treatment and you will need confirmation from a doctor to proceed. You will first consult with your registered nurse and they will liaise with Dr Doyle to authorise treatment. All injectable consultations at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery are free of charge.

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