Breast Lift

A boob lift or breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure. It’s used to lift and reshape sagging breasts. The procedure can be performed on women of all ages and can be done in conjunction with breast implants and/or areola reduction. The goal of a breast lift surgery is to improve the shape and position of the breasts, resulting in a more lifted appearance. The procedure can be performed on most women who are in good health. It’s beneficial for women who have experienced changes in their breasts due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, or aging.

Breast Lift Surgery, at a glance

Target area: Sagging breast tissue and shape of the breasts

Time off work: 1-2 weeks

Total recovery: 6-weeks

Compression garment: 2 weeks full-time wear, 6 weeks total

Scar position: Along the fold beneath the breast, around the areola and down the breast

During the consultation, Dr Doyle will consider factors such as the patient’s skin quality, breast size and shape, and overall health to determine the best technique for the procedure. It’s important for the patient to have realistic expectations about the results of the surgery and to carefully consider the risks and benefits before proceeding with the procedure. It’s also important to choose a qualified, specialist plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

Dr Mark Doyle is one of the best plastic surgeons in Queensland. He offers breast lift to all patients from all around Brisbane, Gold Coast and North NSW. He commonly performs breast lift surgery at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery on the Gold Coast near the Coolangatta International Airport.

Good Candidate

A good candidate for breast lift surgery is typically a woman who is unhappy with the shape and/or sagging of her breasts. This can be due to factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and aging.

If you’re at a stable weight, a healthy non-smoker and are bothered by the position, loss of shape and/or volume in your breasts, breast lift surgery may be a good option for you. You may consider surgery if you:

  • Desire perkier, more elevated looking breasts
  • Are interested in lifting the nipple position and correcting sagging breasts
  • Content with the current size of breasts but desire for them to be firmer


  • Nipple lift to correct downward pointing or drooping nipples
  • Symmetry correction to even out asymmetric breasts
  • Sagging tissue correction to reverse stretched or droopy breasts
  • Shape correction to restore a full, rounded appearance
  • Volume restoration to reverse deflation caused by weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift procedure

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that lifts the breast to a more central, higher, and firmer position on the chest. This surgery repositions and/or resizes the nipples to better suit the proportions of the breast. The goal of this surgery is to provide a lifted appearance of the breasts to what they looked like before the effects of pregnancy, weight changes, breastfeeding, aging took place. This procedure can give the appearance of more volume and projection without the need for breast implants.

Breast Lift Incisions

breast lift incisions

The procedure typically involves making incisions on the breast. Incisions will use to remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue. The location of the incisions will depend on the type of breast lift being performed.

There are different types of incisions for the procedure:

  • Crescent Lift: an incision is made at the top of the areola, used for minimal sagging.
  • Donut Lift or periareolar lift: incision is made around the nipple and areola, it’s commonly used for minimal sagging or slight lift.
  • Lollipop Lift or circumvertical lift: Dr will make incision around the areola and down the breast. This is the most common incision type for a standard breast lift procedure.
  • Anchor Lift or traditional lift: Surgeon will make incision around the areola, extending down the breast and along the crease of the breast. This incision uses for moderate to severe sagging and is the most common incision type for a standard breast reduction (or a large breast lift).

My preferred surgical technique is a lollipop incision for patients requiring a breast lift with or without breast augmentation,” says Dr Mark.

The right incision for you will be determined at your initial consultation after a close look at your breasts and consideration of your desired results.

Surgical Techniques

The selected breast lift technique will depend on the type of lift being performed. The procedure involves removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue to create a more uplifted appearance. The areola and nipple may also be repositioned, if necessary. After the procedure, the incisions are closed with sutures. Breasts will be wrapped in a surgical bandage and a compression bra to aid in healing.
It’s important to know breast lift surgery does not increase the size of the breasts. Instead focuses on reshaping and lifting them. In some cases, patients may choose to combine the breast lift procedure with breast implants and/or areola reduction for optimal results.

Breast Lift Before and After

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  • breast lift before and after
  • breast lift before after

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Pre-Surgery Preparation

Consultation with a Surgeon

Before the surgery, patients will have a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss their goals, any medical conditions or allergies, and previous surgeries. Dr. Doyle will also review the patient’s medical history, medications, and current health status. He will explain the different types of breast lift procedures and incisions, as well as the risks and benefits of the surgery. Patients will have the opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns they may have.

Instructions for Preparing for Surgery

Once the patient has decided to proceed with the surgery and the date is scheduled, Dr. Mark Doyle will provide instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. These instructions may include:

  • Stopping certain medications, such as blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Avoiding smoking or alcohol consumption
  • Losing weight if necessary
  • Obtaining lab tests or a medical clearance from a primary care physician
  • Arranging for a responsible adult to drive you home after surgery and stay with you for a day or two
  • Discussing the need for post-operative care and arranging for help if needed
  • Following the surgeon’s specific instructions regarding diet, exercise, and other activities in the weeks leading up to the surgery.

It’s important for the patient to follow these instructions carefully to ensure the best possible outcome and recovery from the surgery.

Breast Lift Procedure

breast lift surgery northern rivers nsw australia
The breast lift procedure begins with a circular incision made around the areola (the dark circle of skin surrounding the nipple) and a vertical scar down to the breast crease. This is a “lollipop” incision. Dr Doyle will not use horizontal scars in this procedure (unless absolutely necessary) to minimise scarring.

Dr. Doyle performs the surgical procedure by carefully trimming away excess skin and tissue. He then expertly tightens and lifts the remaining skin around the newly contoured breast. He also takes great care in repositioning the nipples to create the most natural-looking results. After the surgery, patients will be moved to a recovery room under Dr. Doyle’s care and will be able to go home a few hours later.

The surgeon can performs boob lift in combination with breast augmentation, using implants to add volume to the breasts. Breast lift and implants allows patients to achieve both lift and volume in one surgery, creating a more harmonious and proportional overall breast shape.

Breast Lift Recovery

The recovery period following a boob lift typically involves some swelling, tenderness, and bruising. Although most patients can return to work and normal activities within a few weeks. Dr. Doyle will provide instructions on how to manage pain and swelling, and will usually prescribe medication to help with these symptoms. The breasts will be wrapped in a surgical bandage immediately after the surgery. Patients require to wear a compression bra for a period of time afterwards. The bandages and sutures will be removed in about a week, and the surgeon will provide instructions for post-surgery care and follow-up appointments.
It’s important to follow the instructions. This includes:

  • Keeping the incision site clean and dry
  • Avoiding strenuous activities and heavy lifting
  • Wearing a supportive bra
  • Following a healthy diet and exercise routine
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Avoiding sun exposure
  • Keeping follow-up appointments with the surgeon

Risks and Complications

Breast lift surgery, like any other surgical procedure, carries certain risks and potential complications. These can include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry
  • Changes in nipple sensation or loss of sensation
  • Possible difficulty breastfeeding

It’s important to discuss these potential risks and complications with your surgeon and how to minimize them during the consultation.

It is important to note that while breastfeeding after breast lift is not an issue for most women, some may experience challenges with breastfeeding after the surgery. It is best to discuss this possibility with your surgeon and have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery and understand that it might not be able to achieve all the desired results.

Breast Lift Cost Australia

Understanding the cost factors and potential insurance coverage for breast lift surgery is essential. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects to consider:

Breast Lift Medicare

Breast lift Medicare rebate may not typically be available since it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Medicare rebates are usually reserved for surgeries deemed medically necessary to address specific health conditions. However, it is recommended to contact Medicare directly to inquire about any potential rebates or coverage options that may be available in exceptional cases.

Cost Considerations

The cost of breast lift surgery can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Type of Procedure:

Breast Implant Removal and Lift: Starting price is $23,480.

Breast Lift and Augmentation: Starting price is $22,550.

  • Surgeon’s Experience: Highly experienced and reputable plastic surgeons may charge higher fees.
  • Hospital or Surgical Facility Fees: These fees cover the use of the operating room, nursing staff, and related services.
  • Anesthesia Fees: The cost of anesthesia services provided by an anaesthetist.
  • Additional Services or Tests: Any required pre-operative tests, post-operative garments, or follow-up consultations.

To receive an accurate cost estimate for your breast lift surgery, it is advisable to schedule a consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will assess your unique case and provide a personalised cost breakdown based on your specific needs and the required procedures.

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To learn more about breast lift surgery, or to book a consultation, please contact our practice. Dr Doyle is one of the best breast lift gold coast surgeons. He offers breast lift to all patients in Gold coast and Brisbane and will work closely with them to help them achieve your ideal results.

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