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If you are suffering from deep marionette lines and jowls, a mini face lift may be the perfect solution. This cosmetic surgery is the best option for patients who are in their 30s or early 40s. Because every person experiences aging differently, the procedure is not suitable for everyone.

The mini facelift procedure will leave you with a more youthful appearance. It’s an excellent option for addressing nasolabial folds, jowls, and neck area. These area can be difficult to address with cosmetic surgery. It also offers a long-term solution for other cosmetic procedures that can’t be done with a full face lift surgery

Dr Mark Doyle offers several anti-aging procedures such as mini face lift at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery to help you get rid of wrinkles and droopy skin folds and look much younger. Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injectables are excellent for simple short-term enhancements. However, for those who want long-lasting results, face lift surgery is a better choice. Mini face lift is a less extensive alternative to traditional lifts. It’s perfect for women and men who have mild signs of aging like wrinkles, jowls, and some skin drooping. Dr Doyle, one of the best plastic surgeons in Queensland regularly performs mini facelift procedure for all patients in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

What is a Mini Facelift?

A mini face lift (also called S-lift, or mini-lift) is a facial rejuvenation procedure. Mini lift designed to tighten your face, neck and smoothen any wrinkles and skin folds that might be fading out your jaw and necklines. In compare with traditional facelift, mini face lift is a less extensive surgical procedure. Best for patients who have only mild to moderate signs of aging that don’t require a full face lift to improve.

Many clinics market the mini face lift as a very simple “lunchtime-lift” or “weekend-lift”, implying that it’s almost an effortless procedure; however, this is not true. Despite its name, the mini face lift is still a complicated surgical procedure. Only highly skilled certified plastic surgeons are able to perform it. Experienced surgeons, like Dr Doyle, take their time performing the mini facelift with incredible precision and meticulous techniques. They ensure that their patients get the best possible results. Moreover, like with any other surgical procedure, you need some time to recover and return to your daily life after surgery.

Mini Facelift Vs Full Facelift

The mini lift or S lift is a modified, less extensive variant of the traditional facelift that’s perfect for patients who have less severe features of aging. Both the mini and full facelifts will tighten your cheek lines, contour your neck, reduce your double chin, and emphasize your jawline while removing any wrinkles and excess droopy facial skin. Depending on how severe the signs of aging are, Dr Doyle will either recommend a traditional one or a mini face lift.

Full face lift is perfect for women and men who have advanced signs of aging that need more extensive surgery to correct. It is more lengthy and requires multiple incisions in front and behind your ears, along your hairline, and under your chin with more tissue dissection and skin removal.

A mini face lift entails less extensive tissue dissection, less skin removal, and an incision in front and behind each ear. This makes it perfect for women and men who don’t need substantial surgery to restore their youthful look. The less extensive nature of this surgery also means that it requires less recovery time compared to the traditional one.

What is the best age for mini face lift?

Mini facelift is a good option for men and women who are in their mid-30s up to early 40s and have some signs of facial aging and want to have a young and tight face and neck. A mini face lift would be excellent for you, if you have:

  • Fine or moderate wrinkles on the lower half of your face
  • Cheek folds and lax cheek lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Jowls making your jawline indistinct
  • Lax skin on your neck and chin, disturbing their contour
  • A double chin with puffy skin

If you have any of these problems and want to get rid of them, a mini facelift surgery might be for you. After a full assessment by Dr Mark Doyle, he will tell you your surgical options and might suggest combining a S lift with other facial rejuvenation procedures like an eye lift or brow lift.

Who is a good candidate for a mini face lift?

A mini face lift is an invasive surgical procedure, and there are certain conditions that you need to fulfil to reduce the risk of complications and get the best results out of your surgery. You’re a good candidate for a mini facelift if:

  • You’re in good physical health
  • You don’t smoke or are willing to quit
  • You don’t have any blood coagulation problems
  • You’re not on any medications that can interfere with surgery or anesthesia
  • You have mild to moderate signs of facial aging and want to improve your look

During your consultation, Dr Mark Doyle will take all of this into consideration and give you instructions on how you can prepare for surgery. Patients who are interested in mini facelift Brisbane, will have their consultation session in his Gold Coast Plastic Surgery clinic on the Gold Coast.

What to expect during your mini facelift consultation?

If you have decided to get a face lift, you need to come into the clinic for a consultation with Dr Doyle. First, he will ask you some general questions about your health, family history, and any medications you take. Then, he performs a physical assessment of your features and ask you about what you’d like to change. After learning what your desires are, Dr Doyle will give you one or more options that can help you get the cosmetic results you want. Once you’ve discussed your options with him and agreed on a plan, he will schedule you for operation according to your preference.

How to prepare for a mini facelift?

We will hand over all the detailed instructions on how you need to prepare for surgery. You should avoid eating or drinking the night before your surgery, stop any blood-thinning medications according to Dr Doyle’s instructions, and make sure you have a chaperone on the day of surgery. Do not start or stop any medications in the few weeks leading up to your surgery without consulting.

How is the mini facelift procedure ?

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The procedure will perform in an operating room at John Flynn Private Hospital. The mini face lift is done under general anesthesia, where a certified anesthetist will put you to sleep so that you won’t feel a thing.

Once you are asleep, Dr Doyle will clean your skin with antiseptics, and spread the surgical drapes. A vertical incision will be made a few millimeters in front of your ear. It might extend slightly upward along your hairline. Dr Doyle will then dissect the deeper tissue layers under your skin and pull them upward. So, your whole face and neck tissue is tightened and fixated higher up. Dr will carefully remove any excess skin. He pull the remaining skin tighter toward your ear, smoothing out any wrinkles or skin folds on your lower face and neck. Finally, he will close your wounds using very fine sutures to minimize mini face lift scars, and the final scar will be hidden in front of your ear.

Can a mini facelift combine with other facial rejuvenation surgeries?

Of course, many women and men might ask Dr Doyle for other improvements in their facial features. If you have droopy eyelids, low eyebrows, or excessive droopy neck skin, you can definitely have them fixed during the same procedure:

Eyelift surgery (blepharoplasty)

As we age, many of us develop puffy and saggy eyelids that can sometimes interfere with vision and are just unpleasant to look at. Thankfully, blepharoplasty can easily help you get rid of droopy eyelids and give you wider and more alert-looking eyes.

Brow lift (forehead lift)

The skin on your forehead might become lax with age, and it’ll start showing deep wrinkles and folds, and your eyebrows might drop lower. A brow lift will rejuvenate your forehead, reduce wrinkles, get rid of forehead folds, and restore the normal position of your brows.

Neck lift

If you have a lot of excessive droopy skin on your jaw and neck, a mini facelift surgery alone might not be enough to improve your jawline and neck contour. Dr Doyle can add a neck lift procedure to remove the extra puffy skin on your neck, emphasizing your chin and jawline, and creating a clear well-contoured angle between your head and neck.

What to expect during recovery?

A mini lift requires less recovery time, however, you’ll still need to take a few days off to rest. You should expect some bruising and swelling in the first few days after your mini face lift. Dr Doyle will prescribe you some pain killers to ease any pain if required, and antibiotics to prevent infections. We will give you instruction on how you can change your wounds’ dressing to avoid any complications.

Recovery can take 7 to 10 days, and you might need to stay home and rest during this time while avoiding any sports or strenuous activities. Sutures will remove 5 and 10 days following the surgery. The results of your facelift are usually apparent immediately after surgery; however, they will become even more satisfying as the swelling and bruising subside during the few weeks after your surgery.

Does a mini-facelift cause visible scars?

There’s no surgery without any scars, however, the scars left by a mini-facelift are commonly very difficult to see. Dr Doyle uses very fine suture lines to hide your small scar along your natural skin folds and hairline. In most women, the scars can barely be seen after some time has passed after their surgery.

What are the complications of a mini-facelift?

A mini lift is a safe procedure, and like with all other invasive surgical procedures, there are some risks involved. The complications of mini facelift surgery include:

  • Infection: Occasionally bacteria can cause a wound infection after surgery. The surgery is performing in a major hospital with full sterile techniques. Infection is very rare. You will receive antibiotics after surgery to help prevent this from occurring.
  • Hematoma: A hematoma is a blood collection that might form inside your wound. If it doesn’t resolve on its own, doctor might have to surgically drain it. He uses several techniques and medications to minimize bleeding and swelling at the time of surgery.
  • Seroma: When fluid accumulates in your wound, seroma happens. Seromas usually go away on their own. Sometimes they need to be drained with a needle.

How much does a mini facelift cost in Australia?

The cost of a mini facelift in Australia is highly variable, and it depends on many factors. Depending on what kind of surgery you are getting, it costs different. You can combine it with other procedures like blepharoplasty, brow lift, or neck lift. The cost might be higher or lower. After you agree on a plan with Dr Doyle, you will receive a detailed quote that includes the surgical fees, anesthetist fees, and hospital stay fees. Most people find the cost of mini facelift surgery affordable. Also, there are several options available to help you finance your plastic surgery if required.

See below:

In Australia, a mini facelift cost is less than a traditional facelift and achieves more subtle results. To view the pricing range for mini facelift cost Australia, please download our pricing guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mini-Facelift Surgery

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How long does a mini facelift last?

A mini facelift gives more long-standing results compared to less invasive procedures like dermal fillers. Although the surgery restores your youthful beauty and firmness, there’s no way to stop aging altogether.

Does a mini facelift address the neck?

Yes, S lift pulls and tightens skin in the lower half of your face, chin, and upper neck.

How can I lift my face without surgery?

There are several non-surgical ways to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate your face such as dermal fillers and laser treatment. These procedures offer less dramatic results and last a shorter time compared to face lifting, and do not actually “lift” your skin.

Do mini facelift look natural?

Yes! Dr Doyle believes that all plastic surgery should look natural. He has developed advanced techniques over the years so that your face does not look “overdone” after surgery. A mini face lift at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery will give you a young and natural look.

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