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A thigh lift or upper thigh reduction is a procedure performed to help reduce excess and saggy skin on your upper thighs. Massive weight loss can often result in excess saggy skin that can rub and impact the way you look and feel. This saggy skin can be surgically excised and removed along with some excess fat to sculpt your thigh.

What is a thigh lift?

A thighlift, similar to Brachioplasty for the arms, is a surgical procedure performed with the purpose of removing excess skin and fat of the upper thigh region that may be present after a significant weight loss. Also known as thighplasty, it helps reshape your thighs and enhance the contours of your lower body. This procedure can help make your thighs firm and taut, hence, improving the overall look of your legs.

If you want your thighs to be more proportionate to the rest of your body, this procedure may be the perfect choice for you. But it is important for you to keep in mind that it does not help with weight loss and cannot be used to remove excess fat. For that, you may want to consider liposuction.

Am I a good candidate for the thigh reduction procedure?

If you have excess skin on your thighs from a massive weight loss that is bothering you due to its appearance and the physical side-effects of it, like chafing, then you might be a candidate for the thigh lift procedure.

You are an ideal candidate for a thigh lift procedure if you are physically healthy and maintaining a stable weight, a non-smoker, and have recently lost a significant amount of weight. You should also have realistic expectations from the procedure that you can discuss with your surgeon during the consultation phase visits.

During these visits, Dr Doyle will assess your condition and evaluate if you are eligible for thigh lift surgery. Other associated procedures may be recommended at that time which may help improve your results.

What are the benefits of a thigh reduction procedure?

A leg lift procedure can help sculpt your thighs. Thighplasty procedure may improve the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Apart from the aesthetic and mental benefits, the thigh lift procedure also can reduce chafing which can be quite a painful experience. The thigh lift procedure has a long list of benefits that fall into aesthetic, physical, and psychological categories.

Apart from the aesthetic and mental benefits, the thigh lift procedure also can reduce chafing which can be quite a painful experience. The thigh lift procedure has a long list of benefits that fall into aesthetic, physical, and psychological categories. Book a consultation now to find out more about the pros of undergoing a thigh lift procedure.

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Real patient results by Dr Mark Doyle. *Remember, each patient is different, and results can vary from patient to patient. *Individual patients will have uniquely individual and varying results.

What’s involved in a thigh lifting procedure?

A thigh lift procedure is commonly performed as a day procedure. The procedure itself can take two to three hours depending on the size of your thighs. You will need to spend some time in the hospital during the pre-surgery phase and the post-surgery phase. This means that you should be prepared to spend most of the day in the hospital.

“Speaking from experience, the best results achieved from an inner thigh lift involve initial liposuction to remove and contour the fat of the thigh, immediately followed by excision of the excess skin and fat using a vertical incision extending down the inside of the leg from the groin as far down the thigh as is necessary to get a good result. This scar never extends below the knee. Any form of thigh lift using a horizontal scar in the groin does not work,” says Dr Doyle.

Outer thigh lifts are best done using liposuction and as part of a body lift, belt lipectomy or extended abdominoplasty.

Compression garments are always used following a thigh lift and must stay on for 6 weeks following the procedure.

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Recovery from a Thigh Reduction Procedure

The recovery phase of a leg lift procedure can take up to eight weeks and is usually characterized by swelling, bruising, mild discomfort, and pain. Dr Doyle will prescribe some pain management medications and antibiotics to help you during this period.

You should just rest and let your thighs heal for the first two weeks. You should absolutely avoid any form of physical exercise that can put pressure on the wound and complicate the healing process. However, you can walk around the house a little to keep the blood flowing and ensuring proper circulation. Just don’t overdo it as it can cause more harm than good.

You should refrain from driving until you are comfortable walking and sitting down. It is best if you have someone staying with you during this period to help you out.

You need to abstain from smoking or drinking, especially when taking antibiotics and painkillers as they can delay the wound healing process and increase the risk of infections significantly.

You can start jogging and performing physical activities six to eight weeks after the procedure, but you should consult Dr Doyle and make sure your wounds have healed before doing any exercises.

After your body has healed, the results of your procedure will become apparent and you can finally experience the benefits of the thigh lift procedure yourself.

Why choose Dr Mark Doyle?

Dr Mark Doyle is an Australian specialist plastic surgeon.  He has over 30 years of experience working in the field, and he approaches each surgery with that experience and up-to-date techniques which guarantees that the best results are achieved.

He is a compassionate and trustworthy surgeon who puts his patients’ satisfaction and health above everything else.

Is a Thigh Lift worth it?

A thigh lift procedure is a surgical procedure to improve the contours and definition of your thighs by removing excess skin that has become a cosmetic and a physical issue. And just like any other surgical procedure, it has certain risks and complications associated with it.

If you are bothered by excess thigh skin and can accept the scarring associated with the procedure, then thighlift surgery may be a good option for you.

Cost of the Thigh Lift Procedure

Thigh lift procedure costs vary on the amount of loose skin that needs correction and hence the time taken to perform the surgery. This surgery can attract item numbers in some patients and your medical insurance and Medicare may pay some money towards your costs.

The cost of a thigh lift procedure includes the surgeon’s fees, anaesthetic fees, and hospital fees. You are required to pay a booking fee of $1,000 when the operation is booked and the balance at least two weeks prior to the surgery.

To receive a more accurate estimate of what you can expect to spend on thighlift surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr Doyle. You can access our list of pricing resources to find about more about the cost of thigh lift:

Risks and Complications of a Thigh Lift Procedure

Thigh Lift Procedure has some common side effects that may occur right after the surgery but there are also a few uncommon complications that you should keep in mind and discuss with your surgeon before making the decision to undergo a thigh lift procedure.

  • Swelling and bruising
  • Temporary scarring that will take 12 months to improve
  • Blood accumulation under the thigh skin
  • Fluid accumulation in the thighs
  • Poor wound healing and wound separation
  • Anaesthetic risks
  • Persistent pain
  • Skin discolouration
  • Skin irritation due to surfacing of deep tissue sutures, which then need to be removed
  • Numbness of skin or loss of sensation
  • Asymmetry and permanent, undesired scarring

Thigh Lift Cosmetic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear after a thigh lift?

You should wear compression garments for 6 weeks after the thigh lift procedure to minimise swelling. Once you have healed fully you can wear any type of clothing you like.

Are there any non-surgical alternatives to a leg lift procedure?

A thigh lift is performed to remove excess saggy skin that is present after you lose massive amounts of weight. Apart from surgically removing the excess skin and fat, there is not much that can be done to tighten the skin.

Will I have a scar after the thigh reduction procedure?

A thigh lift procedure is going to leave an external vertical scar down the inside of your thighs which is permanent. Most commonly these scars heal well and the benefits of the improved contours of the thigh outweigh the scarring.

How can I minimise scarring?

Post-surgery you may commence using a topical scar treatment such as vitamin E or silicone gel. Your scars will be reddened for about 12 months after surgery, and then it should start to fade and soften. Please avoid direct sunlight on the scarring areas and wear sunscreen when in the sun.

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