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Excess breast tissue in men is called gynecomastia, man boobs or moobs. Gynecomastia, also known as gyno or male breast reduction is becoming an increasingly popular treatment as patients realise and understand they are not alone. More and more males are deciding on gyno surgery to assist with the many issues caused by having excess breast tissue. Male Breasts or ‘Man Boobs’ can be caused by a multitude of factors including:

  • genetics
  • disease
  • certain medications
  • obesity
  • hormonal changes

Men can develop gynecomastia at any stage of life. However, it’s most common during adolescence and middle age. It is a very sensitive issue that affects the lives of many and can be easily removed by either excision or liposuction. In some cases, clients have required both excision and liposuction. When you visit Dr Doyle at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery, he will explain your options and make sure you understand the procedure clearly.
While enlarged male breasts do not pose any serious health risks, they can change how others see you.

What is gynecomastia?

Excess breast tissue in men is called gynecomastia and can be caused by a multitude of factors. It is a very sensitive issue that affects the lives of many and can be easily removed by either a male breast reduction or liposuction.

Why have Chest Surgery?

Just a few of the reported concerns such as depression, anxiety, self-confidence (lack of), embarrassment, relationship and sexual problems have all been deciding factors in whether to have man boob surgery. Whatever the reason is, Dr Mark Doyle is here to make you feel very comfortable with the process.

Increasingly becoming a regular procedure for Dr Doyle, each and every patient has a different reason for why they want this procedure (Male Breast Reduction) performed and there is no wrong reason.

Benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery

Even if it doesn’t have much of a negative impact on your health, gynecomastia can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.

Many men go through the usual routine of diet and exercise to try and reduce if not completely remove their gynaecomastia however, sometimes they achieve little to no success because the fat stored in the chest can be stubborn or it is the breast tissue itself that is enlarged.

Through cosmetic surgery, your breasts can be reduced and reformed to create a flat masculine chest. This is done by not only removing excess fat from the chest but also repositioning the nipple and areola to compliment your flatter chest.

For more information and to find out if you are a candidate for male breast reduction contact Gold Coast Plastic surgery today.

Preparing for Gynecomastia surgery – Rule out other medical causes

Gynecomastia can be caused by multiple medical issues including hormonal imbalance and tumours. Finding the cause of your Gynaecomastia is the first step in correcting the condition. It is important to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps and not masking a medical condition with cosmetic surgery.

During your first consultation with Dr Doyle, he will do a sonar scan of your chest to make sure it is clear what is in your breasts. This will rule out tumours, growths and cancers which can occur in the chest and make your breasts seem enlarged. Visiting your doctor will help you rule out a hormonal imbalance or correct the imbalance.

You will need an ultrasound and mammogram to determine whether the problem is cosmetic or has other causes. A mammogram should be able to detect any presence of a tumour or disease. Depending on your situation, this procedure can be performed under either local or general anaesthetic.

Correcting the medical condition may not reverse your breast enlargement however having a clean bill of health opens up the opportunity to have cosmetic surgery.

Who’s a suitable candidate for gynecomastia surgery?

As long as the cause of the excessive tissue isn’t medical—such as tumour, medication or diseases—then you should be suitable for gyno surgery. If the underlying cause is treatable, then that should be addressed prior to surgery.

Depending on the size of your breasts and the amount of enlarged tissue or fat causing your gynaecomastia, Dr Doyle has two main options for your surgery:

  • Surgical Reduction (Mastectomy) if your breast enlargement is due mainly to enlarged breast tissue.
  • Liposuction if your breast is made mainly of fat and are at a size where liposuction is safe and effective. This is more likely if gynaecomastia is caused by being overweight.

Gynecomastia Treatment using Liposuction

During surgery, the surgeon’s priority is to reduce the size of your breasts while keeping your chest looking natural. The benefit of using liposuction to reduce the size of enlarged male breasts is the benefit of achieving this through a mildly invasive procedure that leaves only a small incision mark after surgery.

This method, however, is best suited in mild cases that involve mostly fat. To remove enlarged breast tissue, mastectomy is more suited. This is because the surgeon has more control over how much fat and tissue is removed. After a mastectomy, your surgeon can remove excess skin and replace your nipple and areola in a more natural and appealing position.

What is involved in a Gyno Procedure?

Dr Doyle will make an excision around the lower half of the nipple and remove the excess breast tissue that is causing the problem. Depending on the client’s needs, to achieve optimal results, liposuction can also be performed.

  • Gynaecomastia surgery is typically a day surgery. Patients are able to leave the hospital the same day the surgery is conducted and can recover at home.
  • During surgery the breast is exposed by removing the areola allowing your surgeon to remove fat from the area, this can also be done through liposuction depending on the amount of fat to be removed.
  • After the fat has been removed, excess skin is removed and the nipple and areola are replaced in a natural position leaving patients with a flatter chest.

Surgery can only work as a solution to gynaecomastia if the swelling of the breasts is caused by weight gain. If the breasts are being caused by medication, a hormonal imbalance or any other medical problem or illness, the breasts need to be removed through medical intervention, not cosmetic.

How long does it take to recover after Male Breast Reduction surgery?

As part of your recovery you will need to wear a compression vest.  The compression vest not only helps to reduce swelling but also contributes to a speedy recovery.

For the first few days after the surgery, it is advised that the vest be worn and not taken off at all. After this time, the vest should be worn for most of the day for the remainder of the recovery process.

The compression vest also helps minimise excess skin from forming around the chest. The singlet style compression garment will need to be worn for 6 weeks post-operatively. We recommend 1-2 weeks off work, resuming normal activities after 2-3 weeks. More vigorous exercise can only be resumed after 6 weeks.

Is Gynecomastia permanent?

Male breast reduction surgery removes the unwanted fat deposits in the chest. If you gain weight, it is possible for the problem to reoccur. Some medications and medical conditions have also been known to induce abnormal growth of breast tissue. The permanency of the results will depend on the initial cause of the condition and your lifestyle. It’s for this reason that it’s important to treat any underlying issue prior to surgery and to lead a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

How to maintain the results of Man Boob surgery

It is advisable to only reduce the size of male breasts after you have reached a sustainable goal weight. Continued weight loss may cause you to appear disproportional and leave additional loose skin and weight gain may cause your breasts to swell again.

In order to maintain the results achieved through cosmetic surgery you must maintain your weight. This can be done through a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and adequate exercise.

Gynaecomastia can become a recurring problem if you gain weight or have a reoccurring medical or hormonal condition.
While medical problems are generally out of your control, your weight can typically be controlled through diet and exercise. Weight gain can cause enlarged male breasts even after male breast reduction surgery.

How much does male breast reduction cost?

The cost of a male breast reduction will depend on what needs to be achieved. If liposuction needs to be included in the surgery, that will affect the cost. Surgeon, hospital and anaesthetist fees will also need to be taken into consideration. As mentioned, if the surgery is deemed medically necessary, it may attract a Medicare rebate. To get a more accurate idea of what this surgery will cost in your specific situation, schedule a consultation with Dr Doyle.
You can access our list of pricing resources to find about more about the cost of gynaecomastia surgery:

Gynaecomastia Surgery FAQs

Does Dr Doyle offer gynecomastia surgery to Brisbane patients?

Yes, Dr Doyle performs gynecomastia surgery in Brisbane. His Coolangatta cosmetic clinic is only a 60-minute drive from Brisbane. If you do plan to travel, you will need to arrange transport home or accommodation on the sunny Gold Coast.

What causes male breasts?

Like women, all men have breast tissue and fat cells in their chest. These have the capacity to swell and become breasts. Male breasts are made mostly of fat and are stored in the chest as a result of a hormonal imbalance or excess weight. Although diet and exercise can help to reduce the appearance of breasts caused by excess weight the fat stored in this part of your body can be stubborn. It can also leave the skin lose and stretched after even huge eight loss transformations.

Through surgery, it is possible to reduce the size of male breasts and place the skin naturally against the chest reattaching the nipple and areola to maintain a natural appearance.

Are my nipples just puffy or do I have gynecomastia?

In some instances, puffy nipples can create the illusion of gynaecomastia, which can still be embarrassing. However, puffy nipples will never be as severe as gynaecomastia. If you’re not sure whether you would benefit from surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr Doyle.

What scarring can I expect after surgery?

Dr Doyle will do everything possible to keep any scarring to a minimum. The incision lines will be hidden in the natural contours of the chest, which will help keep scarring as hidden as possible. Scarring is an inevitable part of gynaecomastia surgery. However, not only do scars fade over time, but with the right care, it’s possible to minimise scarring. Massaging the incision sites once the wounds have healed is one of them, as is using silicone sheets. Protecting the area from direct UV rays can also minimise scarring.

What is the ideal age to undergo male breast reduction surgery?

Dr Doyle recommends that patients wait until they’re at least 18 to consider surgery. Hormonal fluctuations that occur during adolescence can cause ‘man boobs’. Following puberty, this condition can go away on its own. However, if the appearance of male breasts is having a significant impact on the patient’s self-esteem and their quality of life, surgery can be considered sooner.

Can Gyno Treatment help Massive Weight Loss Patients?

Working towards your goal weight can be a big challenge however the benefits of being a healthy weight make all the exercising and dieting worth it.

While you work on your health and fitness goals your body may go through many changes, fat cells may shrink and your muscles may grow. This does not happen equally in all areas of your body. Many people (men and women) who have experienced dramatic weight loss are left with lose skin and fat deposits in some areas that just refuse to budge. Main problem areas for men are the stomach and chest. These stubborn fat deposits not only detract from your weight loss achievements but may impact your self-image and limit your wardrobe choices. Male Breast Reduction can help as part of body contouring.

Next Steps for Gynecomastia Surgery Gold Coast

The chest is a gender-defining feature for both men and women. Having enlarged breasts can be uncomfortable for men. With no underlying medical condition, it is possible to have enlarged male breasts surgically removed.

If you are uncomfortable with the shape and size of your chest and are looking to change it through cosmetic surgery, contact Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and book your consultation today.

For more information on male breast reduction, gynecomastia, please contact us on 5598 0988.

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