Breast Lift With Implants Before and After Photos

Review Real Patient Results – Pre and Post Breast Lift with Implants Surgery Before and After Photo Gallery

Breast Implants with a Lift Photos

This photo gallery displays Before and After Photos for Dr Mark Doyle’s masto-implants surgery patients. The images displayed in each gallery depict the results for actual patients.

*Remember, each patient is different, and results can vary from patient to patient. *Individual patients will have uniquely individual and varying results.

You can see many more examples of Dr Doyle’s before and after photos during a personal consultation. Call us on 07 55980988 to arrange an appointment with Dr Mark Doyle on the Gold Coast near the Coolangatta Airport.

Mastopexy with Implants Before and After Photos by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Doyle

Breast lift with implants surgery is a great option for those who have small breasts but excessive breast skin or sagging breasts. Mastopexy with implants helps you to enlarge the breasts, lift the nipples, enhance the breast shape, increase projection and also tighten the breast skin. The result is perkier breasts with increased volume and firmness.

Dr Doyle uses the ‘Lollipop’ breast lift technique because it helps to achieve natural-looking results with little scarring which can easily be concealed underneath clothing. This technique gives a round and perky appearance to moderately sagging breasts.

If you’ve had children, breastfed or lost a lot of weight over the years, this surgery can help you to revive sagging breasts and improve their shape, projection and volume. As shown above, in Dr Doyle’s before and after photos, this procedure helps you to achieve perkier breasts, lifted nipples and tighter skin of the breast.

What to Look for In Before and After Plastic Surgery Images – Mastopexy with Implants

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It’s important to know what to look for when reviewing before and after cosmetic surgery images. Actual patient photo galleries can help you to identify a cosmetic surgeon’s skill and experience. It can also help you understand the results you might expect from this surgeon. To make the most out of your gallery viewing, here are some tips on what to look for:

1. Search for “before” images that look similar to you

Comparing someone else’s pre and post-surgery images won’t work if they had much smaller, larger, perkier or saggier breasts to start with. By searching for patient photos with a similar breast shape and size to you, you can begin to compile your favourite after images.

Take note of patients with similar concerns to you and assess whether you would be satisfied with their post-surgery result. This will help you to gain an appreciation of what is realistic for your body shape.

2. Look for consistent, yet varied results

Skilled surgeons have the ability to adapt their surgical technique and outcome to each patient. When searching through before and after images look for results that complement the patient’s features. The shape of the breast should never be changed so dramatically so it’s unrecognisable. It should just appear as an enhanced version of the ‘before’ image.

3. Improved or maintained symmetry

Before and after pics of real patients with breast asymmetry can help you determine the skill of the cosmetic surgeon too. This is because different amounts of breast tissue will need to be lifted on each breast. The ‘after’ images should always appear more symmetrical than before.

4. Strategically placed scars

When you are looking at each surgeon’s before and after real patient galleries, note what the patients’ scars look like – particularly their size and location. While variation is expected, most patients’ scars should be difficult to detect. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will place incisions in the natural folds of the skin or where they can be easily concealed by clothing.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Doyle prefers to lift breasts using a lollipop technique (an incision around your areola/nipple complex with a vertical scar extending down from the areola down to the breast crease) whenever possible. This allows him to reposition the nipple after excess fat and breast tissue is removed.

The breast implants are inserted through the vertical incision.

5. Learn to recognize new vs. final results

Some cosmetic surgeons take “after” photos sooner than others—sometimes as soon as a month or two after surgery. Unfortunately, these early after pictures can give the impression of subpar results. Some signs of too-fresh results include:

  • Conspicuous scars that are still bright pink or red
  • Breasts sit unnaturally high on the chest after breast augmentation
  • Visible swelling, skin discolouration, or asymmetry

If you like much of that surgeon’s work, but notice that many before and after photos look like they may be “too fresh,” ask the surgeon when the patients’ photos were taken. In general, “after” photos taken 6 months or more after surgery will give you the best indication of how a patient’s final results will look.

6. Ask to view before and after photos during your consultation too

Many patients have great surgical results and are happy to show them, they just prefer that they are not posted on the internet. So, as well as viewing before and after breast lift with implants photos online, ask to view real patients before and after image galleries during your plastic surgery consultation too.

Mastopexy with Implants Recovery

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You’ll likely need 2-3 weeks off work to ensure a quality recovery.  Dr Doyle will provide you with post-operative care instructions which you should follow EXACTLY to ensure you are not straining your wounds.

You should also follow Dr Doyle’s best practice cosmetic surgery recovery tips, which include an adequate wound healing diet and the use of supplements. It’s important to do your research before undergoing surgery so that you know what’s normal and what’s not with your recovery. You should know when to get into contact with Dr Doyle should a problem arise.

What Are The Risks Involved?

Over the years, surgical techniques have advanced to a point where they are quite low risk, provided they are performed by a qualified surgeon in an approved hospital. Dr Doyle performs all major surgery at John Flynn Private Hospital near the Coolangatta airport.

However, there are risks associated with every form of invasive surgery. When it comes to surgery, you should be aware of all the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure. With the appropriate planning and preparation, these risks can be minimised. Potential risks related to breast lift and implants include scarring, changes in nipple or breast sensation, nipple loss, asymmetry, and/or difficulty breastfeeding (although quite rare). In the case of breast implant surgery, there is also the possibility of complications related to the breast implant, such as rupture, rippling, or capsular contracture. Smoking will increase the risk of complications dramatically.

These complications can mostly be avoided by following Dr Doyle’s strict post-operative instructions. Download our procedure guide or read our General Risks of Surgery page to learn more.

Breast Lift with Implants
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Breast Surgery Pricing

How Much Does a Breast Lift with Implants cost on the Gold Coast? Cosmetic Surgery Prices and Fees

Since every patient has different requirements, the cost of breast lift and augmentation surgery will differ too. Some of the elements that are included in the final cost include the implants as well as the hospital and anaesthetist fees. When performed as a cosmetic procedure, mastopexy-augmentation won’t attract a Medicare rebate. However, in cases of severe ptosis (drooping), it may attract a Medicare rebate. The only way to receive a more accurate estimate of what you can expect to spend on breast augmentation is to schedule your initial consultation with Dr Doyle.

You can access our list of pricing resources to find about more about the cost of breast lift with implant surgery:

Breast Lift & Augmentation FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Mastopexy and Implant Surgery

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How can I tell if the patient’s results are good if the Before and After images are bad?

Posture, poses, lighting, shading and camera distance are all elements that affect the outcome of before and after pics.

It can be easy to judge an image if you think, for example, the patient’s breasts aren’t perky enough after a lift. Instead of glancing, take a closer look. You may notice she’s slightly hunched forward in the after picture, the camera is closer/further away, or the angle of the image is different.

Once you can recognise these things, you can become an expert at examining real patients before and after photos regardless of how the images are taken.

Is it a single surgery or two?

Dr Doyle recommends doing this procedure together as it means quicker recovery, a smaller out of pocket cost and a more dramatic surgical result.

How long will my results last?

Most patients enjoy the results of their breast lift surgery for many years. The results of the lift itself may last upwards of 10-15 years, while breast implants can last anywhere between 10 and 25 years.

Can breasts sag after a breast lift?

Over time the skin can become loose again and the breasts may start to droop. This is a natural result of age and gravity. Weight gain and pregnancy will make the breasts sag.

What is the lollipop breast lift with implants technique?

Lollipop lift is one of the most common techniques for a boob lift. An incision is made around your areola/nipple complex with a vertical scar extending down from the areola down to the breast crease) whenever possible.

How is the breast implant inserted? 

The breast implant is inserted through the vertical scar and is placed above or below your pectoral muscles depending on the result you are looking for.

Where is the scar for mastopexy and implants surgery?

The scar for a breast lift is placed around the edge of the areola and down the middle of the lower breast.

Are the scars worth it?

These particular scars can easily be hidden by bras, swimsuits, and clothing.

If you are worried about scarring, know that all scars will fade and blend into the surrounding skin over time. There are also specific steps you can take to keep scarring to a minimum. Keeping your incision sites protected from harmful UV rays, even after they’ve healed, is one way to prevent noticeable scarring. Patients can also use silicone gel sheets and massage techniques as a way to reduce scars after surgery.

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