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Upper Arm lift surgery, arm lipectomy or Brachioplasty is a plastic surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat of the arm, giving it a contoured appearance. Excess skin is present in the arms following sudden weight loss or as part of the normal aging process. As we age, two vital proteins essential for maintaining the skin structure decrease- elastin and collagen. The loss of these two proteins leads to decreased elasticity and firmness of skin that ultimately causes it to sag. Excess smoking, drinking alcohol, or prolonged exposure to UV rays hastens the appearance of this age-related decline in levels of elastin and collagen.

Specialist plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr Mark Doyle at the Gold Coast, will help you achieve aesthetically contoured arms through Brachioplasty.

What is Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty or upper arm lift surgery is a plastic surgical procedure to remove unwanted skin and fat around the arms; tightening the arms. It helps get rid of excessive skin giving a more toned and pleasant appearance to your arms. The drooping of the upper arm skin is an unpleasant sight that can occur following a sudden decrease in weight, due to aging, or after bariatric surgery. The surgery is suitable for you if excess sagging of the skin in your arms is causing a decrease in self-confidence or if you want more well-defined arms.

Am I a good candidate for Brachioplasty?

invisible arm lift surgery australia

You are a good candidate for Brachioplasty if:

  • Your appearance due to excess skin hanging on your upper arm concerns you.
  • You wear long-sleeved clothing in the middle of summer to hide your upper arms.
  • You exercise regularly but finding it difficult to reduce the flabby skin from your upper arm.
  • Your saggy upper arms are problematic for your self-confidence.
  • You have hereditary loose skin and cannot fix them in any other way.
  • You have sensible expectations from the surgery.
  • You are in good physical and mental health.
  • You don’t smoke or are prepared to stop smoking as per your surgeon’s directions.

Dr Doyle will help you set realistic expectations by showing you multiple pre-and post-surgery pictures and will show what the changes may look like in you using 3D planning tools. This session helps give you a rough idea of how the results may look; however, it is not 100% accurate as different factors may vary the outcome.

Smoking and Surgery

Smoking is known to reduce the production of elastin and collagen- proteins that are crucial for skin elasticity and firmness. It also hastens the process of age-related sagging of skin. Besides, cigarette smoking can be highly toxic before and after the surgery itself.

If you are a smoker, Dr Doyle expects you to quit smoking at least three months before the procedure, and continue to abstain during the recovery period. Nicotine present in smoke causes blood vessels in your body to shrink; compromising the function of your red blood cells. This lowers the oxygen levels in the blood and consequently oxygen delivery to various body parts, delaying the wound healing process. It is also associated with numerous complications during the surgery itself. You should consider quitting smoking if you want the results following Brachioplasty to be long-lived.

Book a consultation with Dr Doyle to find out if you are an ideal candidate for Upper Arm Lift surgery.

What are the benefits of Arms Reduction Surgery?

Dr Mark Doyle is an Australian Specialist Plastic Surgeon.  He has over 30 years of experience working in the field, and he approaches each surgery with that experience and up-to-date techniques which guarantees that the best results are achieved.

Potential benefits you can expect from arm reduction surgery include:

  • It gives a firmer appearance to your upper arm by removing unwanted skin and fat.
  • It helps improve the contour of your arms by restoring the elasticity of the arms.
  • It gives your arms an aesthetic look, giving you more wardrobe options
  • The outcome of the surgery can help boost self-confidence.

Arm Lift Before and After Photos

Real patient results by Dr Mark Doyle. *Remember, each patient is different, and results can vary from patient to patient. *Individual patients will have uniquely individual and varying results.

  • arm lift photos
  • arm lift before after

What is the procedure for Upper Arm Reduction Surgery?

Brachioplasty is a common surgical procedure to reestablish firmness and add tone to your arms. It usually lasts for 2-3 hours and is done on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home on the day of the surgery itself following a few hours of monitoring.

It involves the removal of excess skin from the inside of the arm and tightening of the underlying tissues beneath. Dr Doyle will carefully make the incision towards the inner aspect of your arms so that post-operative scarring will not be easily visible giving you an aesthetic result.

The following steps outline the various stages of the procedure:


Brachioplasty is done under general anesthesia.

Making the incision

The extent and location of the incision depend on the position, quantity of the excess skin to be removed and the expert judgment of Dr Doyle.

The incision is made on the inside of your arms. This incision stretches from the armpit to just above your elbow and is made carefully to make post-operative scarring as inconspicuous as possible. The length of the incision will be according to the position and quantity of the excess skin.


Liposuction is routinely used to remove and then contour the remaining fat to give a more aesthetic outcome.

Skin tightening

Through the incision, surplus fat is excised if required. The supportive tissues situated below are then strengthened and toughened through the use of absorbable internal sutures. After this, the unwanted skin is removed to adjust with the new arm profile.

Closing the incision

The incision is sealed with the help of an absorbable suture.

Post-Operative recovery

Discomfort, bruising, and swelling is present immediately after the surgery. The results following the procedure are immediate. However, the desired final outcome of the surgery will be seen only after the swelling recedes completely. Dr Doyle will prescribe you antibiotics and anti-pain medications for your recovery period.

Recovery following Brachioplasty

The recovery time depends on your health condition, your body’s natural healing abilities, and the extent of surgery; however, the general recovery after a Brachioplasty is commonly around two weeks.

The first few days after the surgery, you should keep your arms raised to subdue post-operative swelling, and only restricted arm movements are advised.

Strenuous activities should be avoided during this period. Lifting heavy objects should be avoided for two to four weeks after the procedure. You may drive when your arms are comfortable in the driving position. You will need to wear a compression bandage for up to 6 weeks post-operatively. These bandages help lessen bruising and swelling and make your rehabilitation easier.

Scarring is an unavoidable part of any surgery but it gradually fades over time. Dr Doyle will make the incisions on the inside of your arms, which will keep the scarring following the surgery inconspicuous. It is crucial to steer away from smoking during the recovery period, as it delays your recovery and making your scar thick and less aesthetic.

The results following the procedure are long-lasting but it can be harmed by various factors like weight gain and aging.

Why choose Dr Mark Doyle?

Dr Mark Doyle is a highly skilled and accomplished specialist plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience. He puts the patient’s safety and wellbeing as his priority and approaches every case with up-to-date knowledge and highly innovative techniques.

How much does arm lift surgery cost?

As the procedure is performed to suit the needs of the patient, the cost according varies according to individuals. The consultation charge, the Surgeon’s charge, an Anaesthetist charge, the Surgical Assistant charge, and the hospital charges will be included in the final cost. The item number for Brachioplasty according to Medicare is 30171, so you may be eligible for Medicare and healthcare rebates if you fulfil the necessary criteria. Your eligibility will be discussed with you at your consultation with Dr Doyle.

Brachioplasty cost Brisbane is similar to that of Brachioplasty cost Gold Coast. It will differ depending on the surgeon’s experience, skills as well as hospital fees.

You can get an estimate as to how much you should expect to spend on the procedure by scheduling a consultation with Dr Mark Doyle. In the meantime, you can access our list of patient resources to find about more about the cost of Brachioplasty surgery:

Associated procedures with Upper Arm Lift

The upper arm lift is a simple surgical procedure to get rid of excess sagging skin left behind as a result of sudden weight loss or due to age-related bodily changes.

It may be accompanied by other procedures to provide better-looking results and help achieve your goals for your body. Combining procedures into one surgery also helps reduce cost, decrease overall recovery time and prevent the need for going through multiple anaesthetics.

An upper arm lift can be combined effectively with:

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck, also known as an Abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure of removing excess skin from the stomach area, which helps smoothen and tighten your midsection. As most patients undergoing upper arm lift have lost a large amount of weight, surplus skin may be present in the abdominal region. Combining Tummy tuck with Brachioplasty helps to remove both the problems with the use of a single anaesthetic.

Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is the cosmetic surgical procedure of removing unwanted skin and fat from the thighs. It is visibly present in patients who have lost weight suddenly. Brachioplasty can be effectively performed with thigh lift for a better overall result for your body following sudden weight loss.

Breast Implant Augmentation

A boob job is the cosmetic surgical procedure of increasing and enhancing the shape and size of your breast. Brachioplasty and breast implant augmentation can be done in a single sitting as an effective body contouring procedure.


Liposuction is the surgical procedure of removing stubborn pockets of surplus fat in various parts of your body. Liposuction can be combined with Brachioplasty if you have an abundance of fat in your arms along with drooping skin. The combined surgery helps make your arms thinner and tightens the skin through Brachioplasty. During the combined procedure, liposuction usually will be performed first as it will change how much skin should be removed.

Arm Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

brachioplasty arm lift surgery cost medicare

Are arm lift results permanent?

Brachioplasty results are mostly permanent. If you gain excess weight after surgery, there is a chance that your arms may require a second procedure. There’s also no way to prevent the natural ageing process from having an effect on the skin around your arms. Overall, the results of your surgery will last for many years before you possibly need a second procedure.

Is it worth getting an arm lift?

It can be worth getting arm lift surgery done if:

  • You have excess drooping skin that is making you embarrassed to show off your arms.
  • You have sensible expectations about the outcome following the procedure.
  • You have unwanted pockets of fat in your arms, that are not going away despite taking proper diet and regular exercising.

What causes batwing arms?

Batwing arms are caused by the accumulation of excess upper arm fat and are more common in people who are overweight, as well as old adults. The skin starts becoming droopy; the muscle tone diminishes as you age, which is further possible if you carry extra fat in your upper arms.

Can I get rid of bat wings?

Yes, you can get rid of bat wings through an upper arm lift surgery, which is also known as Brachioplasty. It is a cosmetic plastic surgery done to repair your upper arm appearance from the armpit to the elbow by reducing fat and droopy skin, getting rid of your bat wings.

Is there scarring after arm lift surgery?

The incision in Brachioplasty is long, extending from the armpit up to your elbow; the scars consequently will also be long. However, necessary steps will be taken to make the scar less visible by making the incision carefully towards the inner aspect of the arm. This makes hiding the scar easier.

What is an invisible arm lift?

An invisible arm lift or limited incision Brachioplasty is a modification of traditional arm lift surgery that combines arm liposuction with Brachioplasty. The incision for the procedure is hidden in the armpit area. Hence, it is called an invisible arm lift. This procedure is only performed on those patients with a small amount of skin laxity.

How can I minimise scarring?

By following the necessary aftercare instructions and correctly caring for the incision sites, it’s possible to keep scarring to a minimum. Post-surgery you may commence using a topical scar treatment such as vitamin E or silicone gel. Your scars will be reddened for about 12 months after surgery, and then it should start to fade and soften. Please avoid direct sunlight on the scarring areas and wear sunscreen when in the sun.

What are the associated risks?

Though Brachioplasty is a safe surgery, it too has its associated potential risks. You should understand all the likely risks and complications before the surgery to take the necessary measures for prevention. Potential risks of Brachioplasty include:

  • Bleeding
  • Complications related to anaesthesia
  • Poor wound healing and thick scarring
  • Changes in sensation
  • Fluid collection
  • Lymphoedema
  • Pain at the incision site
  • Asymmetry
  • Suboptimal results and need for a second procedure

How much does Brachioplasty cost in Brisbane?

Please view our pricing guide to get a better idea of the cost of arm lift surgery in Brisbane, Queensland.


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