Bra Line Back Lift Surgery for Excess Loose Skin (and Stubborn Back Fat)

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Bra-Line Back Lift Surgery Gold Coast Queensland

A bra-line back lift surgery, also called upper back lift or back lipectomy is suited to patients with excess back skin after massive weight loss.

What is bra-line back lift surgery?

A Bra back lift surgery removes loose or sagging pockets of unwanted fat on the back. Since it corrects and contours the upper back area where the bra is positioned, the reason behind the name of the procedure becomes obvious. That being said, as Clinics in Plastic Surgery reports, the importance of this procedure is underestimated.

The overhanging folds of skin and subcutaneous tissue are both functionally and cosmetically disturbing to patients. At the same time, they are difficult to address with other procedures such as lower body lift and “regular” abdominoplasty.

On the other hand, back tuck stands as a reliable and consistent method of treating these issues. The procedure focuses on the removal of excess adiposity and skin from the back area.

Evidence confirms that bra-line back lift is a versatile procedure since a gentle learning curve yields predictable and consistent results. Moreover, patient acceptance, results, and satisfactory rates have been universal.

Am I a candidate for bra-line back lift surgery?

The bra-line back lipectomy surgery is not reserved for women only; men can also benefit from this procedure. Generally speaking, anyone who struggles with fat or loose skin in the upper or middle-back area is a good candidate for the surgery.

However, women do have a slight advantage compared to men. Ladies can conceal the surgical scar with a bra, thus feeling more comfortable deciding to undergo a back fat lift.

On the flip side, men don’t tend to develop sagging skin or back fat rolls at the same rate as women do.

Since this is a major procedure, you need to be in good health, which is why your BMI should be under 30.

What are the benefits of bra-line back lift surgery?

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Advantages of back tuck are numerous including, but not limited to:

  • Immediate results
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved appearance and body image
  • Tighter, smoother, and more contoured back profile
  • Results are considered permanent

What can I expect from bra-line back lift surgery?

Before the surgery, women need to wear a revealing swimsuit bra, after which Dr Doyle marks up the area. The preoperative markings outline the patient’s bra and delineate the excess back tissue that is to be removed during the surgery.

General anaesthesia is necessary for this procedure. Dr Doyle makes an incision across the back to remove the excess folds or bulges of skin. Speaking of incision, during the back lipectomy procedure, Dr Doyle cuts a butterfly-shaped area of excess skin from the upper back to remove both fat and skin. The fat in this particular area is considered subcutaneous.

In order to remove the fat parts, liposuction is required. A small cannula is inserted to remove the fat. Once the pockets of fat are removed, the remaining skin back is sewn back together.

The scar runs horizontally along the bra line and may be tricky to hide, but generally not visible under a bikini top or a bra.

Since back lift is performed in a hospital setting, you may go home the same day or spend one to two nights in the hospital. Drains aren’t usually inserted into the wound so you will need to wear a sports bra for compression. . Why are there no drains? A three-layered space-obliterating suture closure method prevents seroma (fluid collection), thereby eliminating the need for a drain.

Recovery after bra-line back lift surgery

After bra-line back lift surgery, you will be able to wear a bra or garment of your choice starting the second week. For the next few months, you will probably prefer wearing a more comfortable bra, usually with a wide transverse strap.

Since pain after the procedure is normal, the surgeon may prescribe or recommend taking painkillers. The recovery time takes about seven to 10 days but may vary from one woman to another.

Although the recovery time is short, Dr Doyle will give you important pointers to ensure the area heals properly. You will need to avoid:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Baths, submerging the surgical site underwater, swimming, hot tubs

Don’t worry; you will be able to take a shower 24 hours after the surgery.

In most cases, women who undergo bra-line or lower back lifts can increase physical activity levels about two weeks after the procedure. Basically, if you’re not feeling discomfort or excessive tightness, you’ll be able to increase physical activity levels slightly, but if you do experience discomfort, then you’ll have to give it another week or consult Dr Doyle.

The best way to minimize the scarring is to adhere to the instructions provided to you.

Make sure to consult with Dr Doyle before you go to the gym or resume your activities. Attend check-ups regularly. You will have scheduled follow-ups one week, six weeks, three months, six months, and twelve months after the procedure.

Even though the initial results are immediate (there won’t be pockets of fat on your back), keep in mind the final results may take a while to settle in. This time frame is different for every woman, but it usually takes about six months to a year.


Considering the fact the bra-line back lift surgery is an elective procedure, Medicare and other health insurance providers may not cover it. This will be discussed with Dr Doyle at the time of your consultation.

You can learn more about funding and different ways to pay for the procedure here:

Procedure FAQs

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What is a back lift surgery?

A back lift surgery is a procedure whose main purpose is to contour the upper or middle back area, often referred to as bra fat. The surgery removes excess skin and underlying fat to smooth contour and lift the skin for a tighter, more toned aesthetic.

How long is recovery from bra lift surgery?

Recovery from bra lift surgery may depend from one patient to another, but generally speaking, seven to 10 or up to 14 days take to gradually resume your activities.

What is a posterior body lift?

Posterior body lift, or lower body lift, is a surgery designed to remove excess, inelastic skin that is often left after a significant weight loss. The scars are above the hips on the back, unlike bra lift surgery which are below the bra strap on the back. The procedure can address several affected areas, including hips, flanks (love handles), and buttocks.

Can I get liposuction alone on my back?

It’s possible to get liposuction on the back, and the procedure can provide visible improvements. However, back liposuction is more suitable for patients who haven’t lost a significant amount of weight and may result in excess loose skin on the back. A bra lift procedure removes this excess skin.

What is an upper body lift?

An upper body lift is a type of procedure that involves the removal of excess skin from the upper back, side of the chest, or side of the body. The primary objective of this procedure is to tighten the skin and remove excess or sagging skin for improved body contour.

What is a bra line?

The term bra line here refers to the lines or rolls created by the bra above the waist and below the arms. The bra line has two parts: the front bra line and the back bra line.

In the front, the bra line is located above the abdomen and below the chest. On the other hand, the back bra line is the area of fat on the bra band of the back, also known in medical terms as infra-scapular fat.

How do you get rid of back fat from plastic surgery?

Getting rid of back fat depends on the patient. Liposuction could be a solution for patients who haven’t gone through significant weight loss. Bra-line back lift and posterior body lift could also be helpful solutions for this problem.

What is torsoplasty?

Torsoplasty is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the torso and back. This surgical procedure treats excess fat and sagging skin in the upper, middle, and lower back. In most cases, torsoplasty uses several different procedures to reshape everything from the abdomen to thighs. It may also include butt lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

What age for a back lift – how old or how young?

The bra line surgery is performed on patients who are, at least, 18 years old. The maximum age is not fixed since the eligibility for the procedure depends on a patient’s overall health.

Planning your bra-line back lift surgery journey

During the consultation and days before the procedure, the surgeon will explain every part of the bra lift and what to expect. You will also get guidelines on what to do or avoid prior to the surgery, including what to eat and drink. If you’re a smoker, the surgeon will also explain why it’s important to quit tobacco for at least 3 weeks before the back lift. The reason is simple – smoking significantly increases the risk of surgical complications.

Since some medications may promote bleeding the surgeon may advise you to stop taking them. These medications include aspirin and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Do not discontinue taking medications on your own. Dr Doyle will advise you which medications to stop taking and when if necessary.

Finding the best surgeon in Queensland

Bra line surgery is still considered a novel procedure, at least compared to other surgeries. For that reason, you want a surgeon who has experience with these procedures. Besides experience, you should also opt for a surgeon who is certified, reputable, and reliable. Careful selection of the surgeon is the best way to get the desired outcome.

Risks and complications

Every procedure comes with certain risks and complications. The back bra lift is no exception. The most common risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anaesthesia risks
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Scars

Specific risks of the procedure include asymmetry in relation to the scar on the left and right side of the chest. Other potential complications include necrosis (loss of fat and skin), wound breakdown, wound infection, blood (haematoma), seroma (collections of fluid under the skin, including serum). Numbness above and below the scar may occur.

Further reading

Associated surgeries

Most patients who are in good health may combine bra line surgery with other procedures. These include a back lift or tummy tuck. It’s often combined with breast procedures for women, including breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation. Brachioplasty (arm lift) can also be combined with this procedure.

Procedure glossary

  • Subcutaneous – Under the skin
  • Abdominoplasty – a tummy tuck; a procedure that flattens the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin to tighten muscles in the abdominal wall
  • Cannula – a small metal tube with ports on the side as opposed to the sharp, ported tip of the needle

Is it worth it?

For women (and men) with sagging and loose skin on the back, bra-line back lift surgery is worth it. The procedure requires a short recovery time and a low complication rate. Moreover, a high level of patient satisfaction with improved appearance makes this procedure a good choice for many. After successful procedure and recovery, you will be able to wear figure-hugging outfits without noticeable fat pockets on the back.

A consultation with Dr Doyle will allow him to explain everything about the procedure so you can make an informed decision as to whether it is a procedure that would be suitable for you.

Non-surgical alternatives

Sagging skin resulting from significant weight loss and other causes is difficult to treat non-surgically. Keep in mind that most non-surgical treatments require multiple sessions and results are often temporary. Surgery poses as the best way to achieve desired results.

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