Motiva Breast Implants and Why Dr Doyle Thinks They Are Best

What Makes Motiva Breast Implants So Special?

If you’re considering breast augmentation and are researching breast implants, you’ve probably already heard about the famous Motiva breast implants by now. Motiva breast implants are top-line breast implants developed by Establishment Labs and they’ve been in the market for over a decade. When planning your boob job (breast augmentation), choosing the right implant is essential. Motiva breast implants implement innovative technologies that offer women an ideal combination of great aesthetics, quality, and durability. This has made Motiva a very popular breast implant choice for women and plastic surgeons alike, with different sizes, shapes, and projections available to tend to every woman’s needs. The unique science-backed implant technology has made Motiva one of the top breast implant brands, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients around the world.

The Doyle team at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery offers our patients the most reputable breast implant brands, including those by Motiva. So, if you’re interested in knowing more about these revolutionary implants before coming in for a consultation with Dr Mark Doyle, this article is for you.

What’s so special about Motiva implants?

“Motiva nano textured 6th generation breast implants I believe are the best available implants and are used on all patients. I was one of the first plastic surgeons in Australia to use these implants and have a lot of experience with their use”, says Dr Mark.

Many experts have regarded Motiva silicone breast implants as the next generation of breast implants. Although they’re relatively new to the Australian market, Motiva implants have managed to make their way to the top very fast, and there are several good reasons why:

  • Motiva breast implants are made of medical-grade silicone and they utilize an avant-garde material design to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts and allow them to adapt to your movements in a smooth and harmonic fashion.
  • The outer shell of Motiva implants consists of two layers instead of one. The inner layer, called the “Barrier layer” has a unique chemical composition that allows it to act as a barrier to prevent any leakage of the internal implant filling.
  • Motiva offers an optional, yet very important, feature called Q Inside® Safety Technology (Qid®). Implants with Qid have a micro transponder (an electronic chip) that contains all the important information about your implants, such as the model, size, type, and serial number. This technology ensures that implant information is indefinitely available to guide your plastic surgeon in case any complications arise.
  • Experts say that Motiva implants are much less likely to cause capsular contracture, a complication that causes breast deformity and might require revision surgery.
  • Motiva breast implants come with a comprehensive warranty program that will give you peace of mind long after your boob job (breast augmentation). Both standard (free) and extended (paid) warranty programs are available, and they cover complications like rupture and capsular contracture, providing free replacement implants and financial assistance to those eligible.

With all these valuable features, Motiva implants are a great option to help you change your physical appearance while maintaining their durability and high quality.

What are Motiva implants made of?

Motiva implants are made of silicone, however, each layer is carefully engineered to serve a specific purpose. On the outside, Motiva implants are smooth (they actually have a nanotextured surface which is recognised by the body as a smooth surface), and their outer shell is made of two layers to protect them from rupture. The external layer is smooth and utilizes a unique technology that allows for the implants to adhere properly to the surrounding tissue so that your implants don’t become displaced later on. At the same time, unlike more extensively textured implants, Motiva’s surface causes less inflammation in the surrounding tissue, which means that your breasts will heal properly with less risk of capsular contracture later on in your lifetime. Moreover, Some experts believe that this also plays a role in reducing the risk of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). The internal layer of the shell is called the barrier layer, and it’s engineered in a way to resist any leakage or rupture of the implant filling. On the inside, Motiva implants are filled with highly cohesive silicone gels that provide them with elasticity and firmness that resemble natural breasts. Different implant-fill technologies are used in different implant types, each offering patients a unique set of characteristics.

What are the different types of Motiva breast implants?

Motiva offers two main types of implants in Australia: Motiva Round and Motiva Ergonomix. The Ergonomix implants behave like teardrop implants. Both these implants are filled with highly cohesive silicone gel, however, each is designed in a unique way that delivers different features and outcomes:

  • Motiva Round: The Motiva round implants are the most popular implant type. They are filled with ProgressiveGel® Plus, which is a silicone gel carefully developed to provide an ideal combination of firmness and softness to your breasts. The Motiva round breast implants are ideal for those who want perky round breasts, with high projection and upper breast pole fullness.
  • Motiva Ergonomix: The Motiva Ergonomix implants are an innovative type of implant that uses state-of-the-art technology to mimic how natural breasts look and feel. The ProgressiveGel Ultima® filling allows these implants to adapt to your body’s movements. For example, if you lie down on your back, your breasts will adapt -like natural breasts do- and become a little flatter. When you stand up, your breasts will project more and hang a little lower. This is how natural breasts respond to your body movements, and Motiva Ergonomix implants mimic this behaviour.

Both the Round and Ergonomix Motiva implants come in different shapes, sizes, and projections, which allows for more customization based on your desired look. Projection (or profile) means how much the implant extends beyond your chest wall in front of you. Motiva implants come in 4 projections:

  • Mini: Motiva’s lowest projection
  • Demi: Medium-low projection
  • Full: Medium-high projection
  • Corsé: Motiva’s highest projection

Breast implant projection, in combination with other implant characteristics, determines how your breasts will look. Dr Doyle will discuss all these details with you to help you choose an implant that will give you the outcome you’re hoping for.

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Different Motiva Breast Implant projections (retrieved from

What are the best Motiva implants to have round boobs?

The Motiva Round Implants with ProgressiveGel® Plus is definitely your best choice if you want to have round full boobs. The round implant shape gives your breasts fullness, especially at their upper poles. This is ideal for women who want young-looking breasts and an outstanding cleavage. You can discuss this option with Dr Mark when you come in for a consultation to know if these implants will work for you.

What are the best Motiva implants to have natural-looking boobs?

The Motiva Ergonomix Implants are carefully engineered using an innovative silicone filling (ProgressiveGel Ultima®) that is highly adaptive to how your body moves. These implants make your boobs look natural and act natural. If this is what you’re looking for, then the Motiva Ergonomix Implants are THE implants for you. Of course, Dr Mark will help you choose the best implant for your desired look once you come in for an assessment.

How long do Motiva implants last?

Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and eventually, they will fail and require replacement and revision surgery. How long breast implants survive is highly variable from patient to patient, and many factors come into play to determine this. That being said, Motiva implants are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone that’s been shown to be very durable, and all implants have a double shell to protect them against rupture. On average, your implants might need replacement after 10 years of your initial boob job (breast augmentation). In many women, however, implants might survive longer, yet in some, revision surgery might be needed after only a few years. The reasons for implant failure include rupture, capsular contracture, implant dislocation, and others. Thankfully, most of these complications are covered by your Motiva warranty programs, and the company will provide replacement implants free-of-charge if you’re eligible (details below).

Do Motiva implants have a warranty?

Yes! Motiva offers a very generous warranty program that covers different implant-related adverse events. All implants come with a standard warranty program that’s cost-free. In addition, you have the option to enrol in one of the more extensive paid programs. Here’s a summary of Motiva’s standard warranty coverage in Australia:

  • Ruptured implant: Motiva promises to provide free replacement implants throughout the lifetime of the patient in case of a confirmed rupture.
  • Capsular contracture: If you develop capsular contracture within 10 years of your breast augmentation surgery, Motiva will provide replacement implants, free of charge.

Moreover, if your implant has Q Inside® Safety Technology, you’ll be provided up to $2,500 USD ($3,370 AUD) as financial aid if rupture or capsular contracture occur within 1 year of your boob job (breast augmentation).

For women who want even more peace of mind and assurance, Motiva offers a couple of optional premium warranty programs. These programs are, however, only available to women who have Motiva implants with Q Inside® Safety Technology:

  • The 2 Year Extended Warranty Program ($100 USD, $135 AUD): If you’re enrolled in the 2 Year program, you can receive up to $1,000 USD ($1,350 AUD) in financial aid in the event of a confirmed rupture or capsular contracture within 2 years of your breast enhancement surgery.
  • The 5 Year Extended Warranty Program ($200 USD, $270 AUD):  If you’re enrolled in the 5 Year program, you will be eligible for up to $2,500 USD ($3,370 AUD) if implant rupture or capsular contracture occurs within 5 years of your boob job.

How much do Motiva implants cost?

Premium quality breast implants like those by Motiva usually cost a little bit more than other breast implants. Depending on the type and features of your implant, you might be looking at extra costs ranging between $400 AUD and $2,500 AUD. This does not include surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, or hospital costs. Many women still find breast augmentation surgery very affordable, and there are numerous options available to help you finance your boob job (breast augmentation) in Australia.

Are Motiva implants TGA approved?

Motiva implants are approved for use in Australia by the TGA, and all the implants are CE-marked, which means that they comply with the safety and quality standards in Europe. In total, more than 80 countries have already approved Motiva implants for breast augmentation surgery.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Motiva implants

How do Motiva implants feel?

Motiva implants are made of medical-grade silicone that’s been carefully bioengineered to mimic the feel of natural breasts. The highly cohesive silicone filling offers elasticity that allows your breasts to feel soft while holding a firm and perky complexion.

Where are Motiva implants made?

Motiva’s implants are manufactured in its top-line facility located in Costa Rica. The company’s regulatory office is based in the United States, while its European distribution centre is located in Belgium.

How much do Motiva implants weigh?

This depends on the size and type of your implant. For example, a 400 cc Round Motiva Implant weighs around 400 grams.

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