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Tear troughs refer to the depressions underneath the eye and just above the medial cheek. When this area of the face loses volume naturally over time, dark circles or hollowing may appear which causes us to look older than we are. Tear trough filler treatment uses dermal fillers to fill the appearance of under-eye hollows – correcting the appearance of tired eyes.

Tear trough filler is a non-permanent solution that typically lasts between one year and two years in most patients. The effects of this treatment are visible immediately following treatment, but final results become visible 4 weeks after treatment. The procedure itself takes around 60 minutes to complete and a topical anaesthetic is always used to reduce discomfort during your appointment.

Benefits of Tear Trough Filler 

  • Soften under-eye hollows – tear trough filler softens and lifts the hollows underneath the lower eyelid. This creates a blended effect and removes sharp demarcation lines to allow for a softer and more youthful appearance around the eye. 
  • Improve darkness under the eye – tear trough filler adds a layer of gel above the dark blood vessels under the eyes which helps to reduce under-eye darkness that is visible through the semi-translucent under-eye skin. It also reduces shadowing of the underlying muscle to allow for a brighter appearance. 

What Can Be Improved with Tear Trough Filler?

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Dark Circles

Under-eye darkness is caused by shadowing and visible blood vessels. By adding a layer of filler to the area, tired and worn out eyes appear lighter and brighter.


When we age, we lose volume and elasticity in our skin. Fat reduction under the eye can result in the appearance of sagging, flat and hollow skin. Filler alleviates this issue by replenishing the lost volume. This treatment can also correct hollowing on the outside (lateral) eye area.

Skin Texture 

Under-eye dermal filler injections can accomplish an improvement in the skin texture underneath the eye. It improves textural appearance, pore visibility, circulation and firmness which can reduce the appearance of dull-looking under-eye skin.

Wrinkles Under the Eye

As the filler is used to volumise the under-eye, it effectively blends the appearance of fine lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This restores a youthful appearance to wrinkled or crepey-looking skin.

Am I a Good Candidate?

This treatment is ideal for you if you would like to combat signs of aging around and underneath the eye. If your under-eye area makes you look older or more tired than you feel, you’re likely to benefit from this treatment. This treatment is suitable for younger patients showing early signs of hollowing and darkness, and also older patients with poor skin texture, wrinkles and dark circles under the eye.

If you’d like to find out how you can benefit from tear trough filler, schedule a free consultation with our nurse injector.

What to Expect

During your free consultation, your registered nurse injector will assess your lower eyelids, tear troughs and the texture and thickness of your skin to determine the right method of treatment. This will be done while considering your aesthetic goals for your treatment and ideal result. Your nurse will then develop a personalised treatment plan specific to you.

There are two main ways to treat dark circles and tear trough hollowing. These include:

  • Treating loss of cheek volume – Injecting dermal filler to the upper cheek provides support for the under-eye which reduces the appearance of hollowed eyes.
  • Treating the tear trough – Injecting dermal filler directly into the tear trough lifts the skin and reduces the line depth. This creates a free-flowing transition from the eyes to the cheek.

Depending on your circumstances and the amount of fat in your cheeks, your nurse may recommend treating one of the two areas, or both. Once your consultation is complete, you will have your photos taken. These will be stored confidentially for our injector to assess your progress.

Before starting your treatment, your under-eyes will be cleaned thoroughly using a medical-grade, skin-safe cleaner and a numbing agent can be applied to minimise any discomfort. Your injectable product is mixed with anaesthetic to help with any discomfort but this will be discussed during your consultation. For topical anaesthetic, it’ll take about 15 minutes for the numbing agent to work, then your treatment will begin.

Your injections will be focused on the areas that you wish to improve, which can be a combination of the inner tear trough, medial tear trough or the lateral tear trough. You will be encouraged to assess your results with a handheld mirror and can suggest areas you may like to see more volume.

Once your treatment is complete, you will receive your aftercare instructions and a complimentary follow-up appointment will be arranged within the next fortnight.

Tear Trough Filler Frequently Asked Questions 

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Do I need a consultation?

Yes. This treatment requires a doctor’s assessment and prescription so you will be required to undergo a consultation to determine the best method of treatment.

Does tear trough filler hurt?

The injections may feel like a slight pinch as they enter the treatment area and you may feel pressure as the gel substance is injected. Nurse Kim will always apply a numbing agent to the treatment area prior to treatment. As well as this, dermal filler contains a local anaesthetic agent. This helps to reduce any discomfort felt.

What’s the recovery period like?

In the days following your tear trough enhancement treatment, you may experience slight bruising and swelling. This will resolve within a matter of days.

Are the results immediate?

You will notice the effects of the dermal filler immediately after your injections. As there may be some swelling present, we ask you to wait up to four weeks to notice the final results. This is because the dermal filler needs time to integrate into your natural tissue. As well as this, swelling and bruising should have subsided by 4 weeks.

How long do tear trough filler results last?

The dermal filler we use in the tear troughs is a thick gel product that is designed to last around 18 months. People often find this area lasts up to 2 years, but it may last as a little as 1 year depending on factors like your metabolism, lifestyle and genetics.

What products do you use?

Please note that due to TGA guidelines, we are unable to advertise the brand names of dermal filler injectables on our website. However, we stock the leading brands of all injectable fillers injectables and are able to discuss these freely during your consultation.

How much does tear trough filler cost?

It depends on how much product you need to fill the depth of your tear troughs. Prices at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery start at $499 per ml of dermal filler. Most patients will achieve their desired results using 1mL of dermal filler.

How do I book?

You can book in for dermal under-eye fillers by calling us on 5598 0988 during clinic hours or by submitting an enquiry form on our website.

Meet Our Registered Nurse Injector Kim

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Kim is a dedicated registered nurse with over 13 years of nursing experience. She has a background in cosmetic, surgical, post-operative and primary health settings.  She prides herself on delivering consistently high-quality services and values her clients’ safety, satisfaction and ongoing relations.

Kim is patient-focused and has a proven ability to provide a professional, effective and caring service to all patients, where the patient feels comfortable and is confident in the knowledge that their welfare is her primary concern. She uses exceptional communication skills to provide positive outcomes for her patients using her experience, skills, eye for detail and education in the cosmetic and health industry.

Kim provides and administers injectable treatments tailored to individual needs whilst managing client expectations. Kim is experienced in anti-wrinkle injectionsdermal fillers,  and platelet-rich plasma treatments. She works within clearly defined treatment protocols whilst ensuring every client is cared for and treated to the highest ethical standards.

She is an expert at assessing and developing specific individual treatment plans for clients.

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