Do Heavy Breasts Cause Back Pain

Having excessively large and heavy breast has been linked to numerous physical concerns in women. About 1 million females worldwide suffer from problems caused by large breasts. As heavy breasts can cause pain and discomfort, there are many medical benefits of breast reduction surgery.

Many women have quite significant symptoms associated with heavy breast (breast hypertrophy). These include sore necks, divots in the shoulders, rashes underneath the breasts, inability to exercise or pain in the breasts. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces the breasts in size. As this reduces the weight of the breasts, these symptoms often improve.

Most Common Big Boob Problems

Most common physical complaints of women having excessively heavy breast include:

Back Pain

Back pain from breasts is caused from changes in the center of gravity or normal body alignment. Though the breasts are present in the front part of your body. Having a heavy breast will cause various degrees of back pain. The woman back muscles responsibility is to help stabilize the whole upper body. Heavy boobs have been shown to cause continuous pressure in the woman back muscles- called the trapezius. Larger the breasts, more pressure the muscle is under to keep the breast in position especially while you work or exercise. Also, having a large breast adds few more kilos to your upper body which can cause your back to droop forward. Long-term postural abnormality is shown to cause back pain from breasts.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Your spine helps keep the neck and shoulder properly aligned. Having large heavy breast causes the spine to droop forward which leads the neck to be extended in an abnormal posture. This abnormal posturing causes soreness in your neck muscles. Poor posture of the neck then puts extra pressure on the muscles and tendons of your shoulder, giving rise to shoulder pain and back pain from breasts.


Heavy boobs, sometimes cause under boob rash and rash between breasts. Large breasts can cause the skin around them to fold and rub on itself and as if these areas are difficult to access, infections and rashes may develop here. As well as rashes, you may also experience cysts in the folds of skin underneath your boobs.

Life Quality

In addition to causing physical difficulties like lower back pain from large breasts, having heavy breast may also hamper the quality of your life and may affect your day to day activities. Issues may include having difficulty in doing certain tasks, clothes not fitting properly and also being self-conscious of any unwanted attention that you may receive.

What Are the Solutions for Heavy Breast Problems?


Eating a low-calorie balanced diet may help indirectly shrink the adipose tissue (fat), the tissue that makes most parts of your breast, thus reducing its size and reducing complications related to heavy breast.


Exercises can strengthen the woman back muscles, help maintain proper posture and prevent associated complications. It helps reduce pain but doesn’t actually cure it. Also, there are concerns regarding the compliance of women to these exercises. Exercising also helps reduce weight from the breasts and reducing complications associated with it.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure removing excess fat, breast tissue, and skin from the breast to achieve the desired breast size proportional to your body. It helps ease discomfort associated with large, heavy boobs.

The procedure often combines liposuction to remove fat and the breasts are reduced in size and giving women a reduced yet firm and aesthetic looking breast.

Any woman in a state of good physical health desiring to reduce her breast size can undergo the surgery.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Relieve pain caused by having large boobs
  • Give a more firm and aesthetic look to your breasts
  • Improve mobility and quality of life
  • Reduce the incidence of under boob rash
  • Long lasting results
  • Reduced breast size opens a wide range of wardrobe options for you!

Can Large breast Cause Breathing Problems?

Large breasts can also cause breathing problems for women. This is because the weight of the breasts compresses the lungs and prevents them from expanding all the way. This often leads to shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.After breast reduction surgery, many women find that their breathing ability improves. This is because breast reduction reduces their breasts so their lungs are less compressed. In fact, many women find that they can breathe easier after surgery.

Breast Reduction with Dr Mark Doyle


The procedure is most commonly a day only procedure. You will go home wearing a bra and Dr Doyle will order you mild pain killers and antibiotics. Dr Doyle does not use drains. You are seen 10 days, 3 weeks and 6 weeks following the procedure for dressing. You dressings are waterproof and you will be able to shower the day after the operation. Breast reduction recovery takes 2 weeks and you can go back to work after that if your work does not involve heavy lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Breast Reduction Painful?

The procedure is performed using general anesthetic so you won’t feel pain during the surgery. The pain following a breast reduction is minimal. During and at the end of the procedure Dr Doyle injects long-acting local anaesthetic into the breasts. A support bra is always used and fitted at the end of the procedure. Only mild pain killers are usually required for the first week following the procedure.

Does Medicare Cover Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction Medicare rebate is available, because the procedure can benefit your health. You may get money back from Medicare and from your health insurance. You don’t have to have specific symptoms to qualify. Please keep in mind that you will still have out of pocket costs for your surgery. Regardless, the amount of money you get back will help to offset some of the cost of your surgery.

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