Normal Recovery After Breast Augmentation

recovery after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery can give you the best breast size for your body type. Also, It’s the best solution to tubular breast syndrome. However, Breast implants can be a great investment in your own self-esteem, but when it’s come to a surgery, recovery time is an important factor to consider. This blog post outlines a normal breast augmentation recovery timeline week by week. This will help you understand what to expect after breast implant surgery.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

In your initial consult, you’ll get to look at a variety of implant sizes. These can then be 3D modelled to your body shape, using Crisalix, so you can pick the best option. You’ll also be able to consider the best breast implant placement for you. This is either over or under the pectoralis muscle.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Often, the implant will place through an incision under the breast. If you are getting combined implants and a lift, this incision is around the nipple. If you have a breast lift, then it can take a little longer for your breast implants to settle and look natural.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Timeline

During breast implant recovery, it’s important to look after yourself and rest. Even if you feel well enough to go about your day, please take it easy.  Always follow your post-operative instructions. This helps to ensure a better, faster and normal recovery period.

Breast implant surgery recovery takes about three months for a full recuperation period. This does, however, vary between patients. Recovery can be easier with people close by who can offer help during this process. Most patients are able to return to work and resume their normal activities after 2 weeks of surgery.

It’s important to keep in touch with Dr Doyle about any changes or discomfort. The first post-operative appointment is seven days after your surgery. This is a general checkup to see how you are healing and to start scar treatment. A detailed breast implant recovery timeline is below:

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Day One of Breast Augmentation Recovery

When you wake up from surgery you will have mild bruising and swelling. You’ll also have prineo tape over your incision and be wearing a compression garment. It’s a good idea to wear this 24 hours a day as it helps to reduce swelling.

Most breast augmentation surgeries are a day case in hospital. This means you can go home after your surgery.  You’ll likely feel dizzy and sleepy from the general anaesthesia. So, you should arrange for someone to drive you home and take care of you for the first 24 hours after surgery. 

Day Two After Boob Job Surgery

On the day following your surgery, you may feel sore and uncomfortable. The medication provided to you will help ease some discomfort. You should be able to walk between your bed and the bathroom on your own. Your activities shouldn’t go beyond this, so make sure to rest and relax.

Days Three to Four of Breast Enhancement Recovery:

You should be able to move around a bit more and also should start feeling a bit better.  Continue resting as the swelling and bruising will be highest during day three/four. Swelling and bruising will last for a further few days. You can continue using pain medications during this time.

Day Five to Six of Breast Implant Surgery Recovery

Your breasts may start itching as the wounds and scar tissue begins to heal. Please avoid scratching at any itchy areas. If scarring is a concern for you, read more about our tips to reduce scars after breast surgery.

Day Seven of Breast Augmentation Recovery

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At seven days you will have an appointment with Dr Doyle and his nurse. Your surgery dressings will come off and you can wash your breasts with a mild soap. Stratamed scar treatment may begin here and your nurses will explain how to use this product.

You will need to wear the compression garment provided to you for 6 weeks.

Two Weeks Into Breast Augmentation Recovery

By now, you should be able to move around comfortably again. You can perform most daily activities without much pain or discomfort.  Though, you should still avoid strenuous activities and vigorous exercise.

Your breast implants should start settling into their new position. The incision should have closed and scarring will start to improve as well.

Six Weeks After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Around the six week mark, the pain and tenderness should be gone. Your implants may still be sitting high on your chest – this is completely normal. They will ‘settle’ into place over the coming weeks.

Twelve Weeks Into Breast Augmentation Recovery

All incisions should have healed and scars will being to fade. Around three months post-op, your breast implants should drop and settle into place. By now you should be able to increase your exercise, including running after breast augmentation.

Six Months After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Within six months of your surgery, you should feel normal again. Please keep in mind that scars can take up to two years to completely heal. For scar management tips, please read our blog “Scar Management After Plastic Surgery.

Tips for Faster Recovery After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Following these tips may help increase your chances of optimal recovery:

  • Apply ice packs for 20 minutes every hour if you are experiencing any breast pain. This is especially advised for breast implants that are under the muscle. This is because they can be closer to nerves in this area and feel a little more sensitive.
  • Wear your compression garment 24/7 to help with swelling of the breasts.
  • Have people to support you during your recovery. They may heed to help out with things like meals, bathing and cleaning.
  • Keep your doctor informed about any pain or changes in the breast tissue.
  • Maintain a healthy diet during recovery from breast augmentation. Make sure you have enough protein as this will benefit the healing process. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables also helps prevent constipation. This often occurs as a result of the pain medication following breast augmentation.
  • Take time off work following breast augmentation surgery to rest and recover. You may decide to use holidays for leave, or opt for a time where your kids are at school. For more infomation on this, view our blog “Choosing the Perfect Surgery Date.”
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions, including how long to stay on prescribed medication.
  • Sleeping: Sleep on your back with your upper body elevated (by stacking a few pillows). This can help to reduce breast swelling and soreness.
  • Stop smoking 6-8 weeks pre and post-surgery
  • Consider lymphatic massage to improve the healing process.

Boob Job Recovery Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs About Breast Implant Surgery Recovery

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How long should I take off work after breast augmentation?

The average person will want to take at least two weeks off work. But, some may need more time depending on their occupation. It also depends on how you are feeling physically and mentally.

You should spend the first week resting at home with minimal physical activity. Always follow Dr Doyle’s orders and avoid doing activities such as heavy lifting.

How long will it take for my breast implant scars to fade after breast augmentation surgery?

Your scars should fade in time. We recommend that you wear your compression garment, and take care of your scar area as directed by your surgeon. Avoid sun exposure for at least 6 months to prevent hyperpigmentation (dark spots).

Can I go swimming with breast implants?

You may go swimming once your incisions have completely healed. The implant will not interfere with your ability to swim.

Can I have coffee or caffeine drinks while on breast augmentation recovery protocol?

Caffeine intake should be limited in your diet while recovering from breast augmentation. Caffeine has been shown to increase the production of cortisol in the body. This may slow down healing time and cause increased swelling post-surgery.

How long should I wear my compression bandages after breast augmentation surgery?

They should be worn for 2-3 weeks to allow healing unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

Do breast implants go down in size or sag over time?

Many women wonder if their breasts will go down in size or sag over time. The actual size of your breast implants will not change. You will, however, have natural changes to your body such as gravity. Gravity pulls everything down including skin tissue and fat tissues. This can make your breasts droopier than normal over time. Pregnancy and weight loss may also contribute to changes in your breast appearance.

Will the results of my breast implant surgery last forever?

The results of breast implant surgery can last anywhere between 10 years to a lifetime. But, it is not uncommon for implants to need readjustment or replacement.  This is different for everyone. Motiva brand implants last between 10 and 25 years.

How painful is breast augmentation recovery?

Breast augmentation recovery is uncomfortable but managed well with pain medication. A compression garment can help with discomfort and support. This is so you feel less sore and more comfortable during your healing process.

Do and don’ts after breast surgery?

After breast surgery, it’s important to know what you can and cannot do.

The following are a few things that should be avoided:

  • heavy lifting
  • bending over at the waist or beyond 90 degrees
  • going upstairs in more than two steps at a time, and
  • anything else that could put pressure on your incision site.

Do: Keep an eye out for any signs of infection like redness, swelling, drainage from the incision site or fever. Alert your doctor if you have any concerns.

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