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What is a Male Tummy Tuck?

A male tummy tuck is designed to overcome a specific aesthetic challenge faced by men who wish to achieve a more contoured body. This procedure offers patients a way to achieve the abdominal tone they want. Like women, men also experience flabby skin and protruding abdomen. In many cases, these changes persist even if you spend hours at the gym or follow a strict diet regimen. The male tummy tuck surgery offers customisable solutions in abdominal contouring that allow the removal of loose skin and stubborn fat. This can lead to an improvement in core strength and correct skin laxity and abdominal profile. The tummy tuck surgery is done differently for males to address typical masculine concerns and shape.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Doyle has over 30 years of experience working with male patients. He regularly performs tummy tuck surgery on males who would like their midsection contoured and more defined.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Male Tummy Tuck?

A male tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a great option for those who are unhappy with the appearance of their abdomen. If you are trying to decide whether or not you are a good candidate for a male tummy tuck treatment, here are a few qualifying factors to consider:

  • You have loose skin around the middle due to aging or weight fluctuations.
  • You have residual fat in your abdomen despite repeated diet and exercise efforts.
  • You are avoiding some activities due to being self-conscious about your body.
  • Your cosmetic goals are the realistic expectation for improvement and not perfection.
  • You are a good candidate if you are in good overall health, don’t smoke, and have any chronic illness as these may affect your recovery.

Benefits of a Male Tummy Tuck

Many males are satisfied with the final result of the male tummy tuck as this procedure has both functional and cosmetic benefits. A male tummy tuck provides a variety of advantages to the appropriate patient:

  • Reduction in loose and flabby skin around your belly
  • Provides a flatter and firmer midsection
  • Provides more sculpted abdomen
  • Increased vertical muscle definition

Steps of Male Tummy Tuck Surgery:


If you choose to proceed with the surgery, a series of routine blood investigations may be carried out to evaluate fitness for your surgery. If you are on certain medications, particularly blood-thinning medications, you may be asked to stop them a few days or weeks before surgery.


  • A male tummy tuck procedure is performed under general anesthesia which means you will be completely asleep.
  • An incision is made across the lower abdomen in a position below the line of the underwear. The more corrections needed the longer the incision needs to be.
  • The abdominal muscles are pulled towards the midline as required and sutured in place. This can lead to better abdominal definition.
  • The skin is redraped to reveal the muscle contour, and excess skin is trimmed away.
  • Commonly a pain pump and suction drains are inserted under the skin to provide post-operative pain relief and remove any blood that may collect deep in the skin following the procedure.
  • The incisions are then closed with sutures and a waterproof adhesive dressing.

Your Male Tummy Tuck Journey


An initial consultation with Dr Doyle is the first step of your male tummy tuck journey. It includes choosing and then meeting Dr Doyle to get evaluated and ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the procedure. During the consultation period, Dr Doyle will examine your abdomen to determine whether you need fat removal, loose skin removal or both.

During your consultation, you will need to inform Dr Doyle about any medical conditions, past surgeries, current lifestyle habits, and any concerns that you have regarding the surgical process.

Not all men are considered good candidates for tummy tuck surgery. In some cases, liposuction or other procedures may be more suitable, so Dr Doyle might recommend another procedure or a combination of procedures.

Dr Doyle will inform you regarding any potential complications that may occur during and after the surgery.

Recovery From Tummy Tuck Surgery

While considering tummy tuck surgery it’s important to consider the recovery process and put off important plans, physical activities, and work stresses. Strenuous activities should be avoided at least six weeks after surgery. There are some routine things you need to care of as you heal after your surgery:

  • Compression garments: After surgery, you will be given a compression bandage to wear. This will reduce swelling and support the abdomen, promoting proper healing and uneventful recovery. You should expect to wear this for two weeks to two months depending on your healing progress
  • Incision care: The incision wound is covered by surgical dressing or bandage. You will be instructed about when to change the dressing and how to do so. You should keep your wound clean and remain gentle with it to avoid injury or bleeding. You should immediately inform Dr Doyle if you are experiencing pain from the incision site, swelling, redness, pus, warmth, or bleeding.
  • Drain care: After tummy tuck surgery, a temporary tube is placed in the surgical site under your skin. This will be removed after a week following surgery when no longer fluids are drained out.
  • Antibiotics: You will be prescribed antibiotics to take orally to reduce the risk of developing a postoperative infection.

To maximise the healing timeline and quality of your wounds, you should be willing to eat well in the weeks leading up to and following your surgery. We’ve outlined the recommended nutritional advice for optimal wound healing on our website for you to follow.

Risks and Complications of a Male Abdominoplasty

As with any surgical procedure, a male tummy tuck also carries some risks of complications and side effects following the procedure. There are certain side effects related to anaesthetic medication such as drug allergy and hypersensitivity. Some other side effects include:


  • Bleeding: A small amount of bleeding and blood collection in the drains is normal. If there is soakage of dressings then you should immediately consult with Dr Doyle.
  • Damage to the surrounding structure: Structures around the skin such as blood vessels and nerves may get injured following an abdominoplasty procedure. This is very uncommon.


  • Wound infection: The signs of wound infection include redness, swelling, and pain around the wound. A discharge may be seen coming from the wound.
  • Wound breakdown: If the wound becomes infected or more commonly if the patients start smoking, the wound can break down and need further surgery or surgeries to correct.
  • Unsightly cosmetic result: There can be loss of skin colour, darker skin or thick raised scar tissue, which can cause an unsightly result.

You should discuss these side-effects with Dr Doyle in detail to be able to make an informed decision. It is important to note that most of the complications and side-effects of a male tummy tuck can be avoided by choosing a qualified and highly skilled specialist plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Book a consultation with Dr Doyle today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Male Tummy Tuck

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How much does a male tummy tuck cost?

The average cost for a tummy tuck surgery will vary quite significantly, and this is dependent on several factors. The surgeon’s level of expertise, the condition of your abdomen, and the extent of reconstruction to be done will all be responsible for variations in the price. For more detailed information about the cost of the procedure, you can book a consultation with Dr Doyle or view our pricing resources:

Is a male tummy tuck worth it?

The results of the male tuck tummy procedure are dramatic and permanent if you maintain a similar weight. This surgery is an effective way for certain patients to achieve a firmer, flatter abdominal profile. The vast majority of patients are thrilled with their decision to undergo the procedure. So, it is definitely worth it.

What is a male tummy tuck?

A male tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to remove and tighten loose abdominal skin. It can restore a firmer, smoother midsection. This procedure can help you both look and feel more lean and fit.

Will a tummy tuck give me a flat stomach?

A tummy tuck can create a toned flat abdomen by removing extra fat and skin off your abdomen. If you have excess fat inside your abdomen, an abdominoplasty will not give you a flat stomach. In these cases, weight loss by exercise and diet or bariatric surgery are your only solutions.

How painful is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which means you won’t feel a thing during the procedure. At the end of the surgery, before the incisions are closed, a small fine plastic tube is placed under the skin and is connected to an external plastic bottle containing a solution of local anaesthetic. This is called a pain pump and automatically releases local anaesthetic under the skin for three days.  The pain during tummy tuck recovery is well managed by the pain pump and oral pain medication and is not an issue for the majority of patients.

Will insurance pay for my tummy tuck?

In selected cases, there will be Medicare item numbers that can be used for an abdominoplasty. This is uncommon in males in particular, and if a Medicare rebate is applicable,  this means that you will get a small rebate on your surgery and your health insurance may help cover the hospital costs. In all cases, there will be a significant out of pocket expense. This will be discussed in detail with you at your appointment with Dr Doyle.

How old do you have to be to get a tummy tuck?

All of the tummy tuck procedures are performed under general anesthesia and are generally performed on patients over 18 years of age. Patients of all ages will be evaluated depending upon their physical health and mental condition.

What is a full tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck tightens skin and muscles over the entire abdominal area, above and below the umbilicus. The abdominal muscle is tightened and excess sagging skin is removed. This can help flatten a protruding belly and leave the midsection flatter and toned. This procedure provides a dramatic change following weight loss.

What is a 360 tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck 360 combines circumferential liposuction of the trunk (back, hip and abdomen) with a combination of tummy tuck for a dramatic aesthetic restoration of the entire midsection.

What is a male 360 body lift?

This procedure is a customised body contouring procedure, offering men who have recently lost a large amount of weight to restore normal body shape. In addition to an abdominoplasty, the buttocks and outer thighs are also lifted using a scar that goes circumferentially around the body.

How long will I be hunched over after tummy tuck?

It is recommended to stay hunched over for the first week. After that time you can gently start going back to your normal posture. It is always important to follow your post-operative instructions provided by Dr Doyle.

How can you tell if someone has had a tummy tuck?

It is difficult to tell if someone has had a tummy tuck if the scars are hidden underneath the belt lines. It is possible to tell the patient has a high tummy tuck if scars are visible in swimsuit or upside “T” shaped scars that extend upwards in the centre and obvious belly button scars that look artificial.

Can you get a six-pack after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty, which results in a tighter abdominal area and removal of fat. The fatty abdominal region prevents the muscles from showing themselves. Your six-pack may be visible after a tummy tuck if you have prominent muscle below the fatty skin.

Can I get my insurance to pay for a tummy tuck?

No, insurance will not cover all your costs for your aesthetic surgery. Under some specific circumstances, you may get a small number of your costs covered. This will be discussed at your consultation with Dr Doyle.

Is a male tummy tuck worth it?

The results of the male tummy tuck procedure are dramatic and permanent if you maintain a similar weight. This surgery is an effective way for certain patients to achieve a firmer, flatter abdominal profile. The vast majority of patients are thrilled with their decision to undergo the procedure. So, it is worth it.

Do I need a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck?

Mini tummy tucks are ideal for people with normal body weight with loose abdominal skin in the lower abdomen only. If you have excess fat, saggy skin above and below the umbilicus or you have lost significant weight and have a lot of skin, then you’ll need a full tummy tuck.

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