Saggy Breasts: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

Breasts undergo a lot of changes throughout your life, and their shape, firmness, and appearance may change along with time. This guide will focus on breast ptosis often referred to as saggy breasts. We will explore the causes of sagging breasts, the effects they can have, the different levels of sagging, the solutions available to address this issue, and the proactive steps you can take to prevent or minimise ptosis breasts.

What Is Breast Ptosis

Breast ptosis, commonly known as saggy breasts, is a condition where a woman’s breast tissue and nipples droop or lose their perky position. This occurs due to many different factors. Saggy breasts can impact body image and clothing fit, often leading to discomfort.

What Causes Saggy Breasts

saggy breasts
Cooper’s ligaments

What is a saggy breast cause? This condition is caused by the stretching of Cooper’s ligaments, which are the connective tissues responsible for holding your breasts in place. Below are some of the reasons these ligaments may stretch.

Impact of Ageing and Gravity

  • As women age, the skin’s natural elasticity diminishes, leading to a loss of breast firmness.
  • Gravity gradually pulls breast tissue downward, causing sagging over time.
  • The Cooper’s ligaments, responsible for maintaining breast shape, weaken with age, contributing to the sagging effect.

Hormonal Influences on Breast Health

  • A saggy breast from breastfeeding can happen due to hormonal changes in breastfeeding. Pregnancy and menopause can affect also breast tissue.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts may temporarily enlarge and then lose volume, potentially leading to sagging.
  • Menopause brings hormonal shifts that can result in reduced skin elasticity.

Lifestyle Choices and Breast Appearance

  • Smoking reduces collagen production, leading to skin laxity and sagging breasts.
  • Regular exercise, particularly chest exercises, can help maintain muscle tone and breast support.
  • The choice of bras, especially those that provide adequate support, can impact breast health and prevent sagging.

Understanding these contributing factors and making informed lifestyle choices can play a significant role in maintaining breast health and potentially reducing the risk of sagging over time.

Breast Ptosis Classification

ptosis breasts
ClassificationCharacteristicsVisual Impact
Mild Breast Ptosis: Shape Distortion– Subtle shape distortion.
– Slight descent of breast tissue.
– Nipples remain relatively elevated.
– Minimal visual effect.
– Early signs of sagging.
– Breasts maintain most of their youthful appearance.
Moderate Breast Ptosis: Nipple Displacement– Noticeable nipple displacement.
– Moderate loss of breast volume.
– Nipples point slightly downward.
– Pronounced sagging, affecting breast aesthetics.
– More noticeable signs of sagging.
– Nipples descend, changing the breast’s appearance
Severe Breast Ptosis: Tubular AppearanceTubular breasts appearance.
– Substantial loss of breast volume.
– Nipples are significantly lower on the breast.
– Most advanced stage of breast sagging.
– Significant sagging, dramatic visual transformation.
– Nipples point distinctly downward.

Saggy Breast Treatment

Many wonder how to fix saggy breasts. Thankfully, there are many options available for different situations.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery can be a solution for addressing sagging breasts in specific cases. By understanding the complexities of this procedure, specifically the breast implant placement, it becomes possible to restore and enhance the volume, shape, and firmness of breasts that have been affected by sagging. Your surgeon may also reposition the nipple during this procedure to correct the nipple displacement that may be present.

The procedure is the ideal treatment of choice for a saggy breast with excess skin on the breast and the breast tissue has shrunk or reduced in size. This can happen after breastfeeding or losing a significant amount of weight.

Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery by Dr Mark Doyle

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a viable solution for saggy breasts, particularly in cases where larger breasts contribute to the sagging. This procedure helps alleviate the physical and aesthetic discomfort associated with heavy, sagging breasts.

Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery by Dr Mark Doyle

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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove excess skin, tissue, and fat from your breasts and enhance the natural contours and the shape of the breast. This procedure will reposition your breasts and your nipples, to make them look more perky.

It’s important to discuss your goals with your Dr Mark Doyle to ensure which breast surgery for saggy breast is the most suitable choice.

Before and After Breast Lift Surgery by Dr Mark Doyle

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How to Prevent Saggy Breasts

Importance of Supportive Bras

A well-fitting and supportive bra can help support a ptosis breast, particularly if you are breastfeeding or naturally have larger breasts that may result in droopiness. A bra that fits properly will help maintain the shape of your breasts and enhance their perkiness. Your bra should support your breasts even during physical activities to prevent sagging.

Although it is most effective for mildly ptotic breasts, it also serves as a valuable preventive measure, limiting the progression of breast ptosis.

Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits is vital in preventing breast sagging and promoting overall well-being. Sustaining healthy habits supports breast health and reduces the risk of sagging.

  • Exercise Regularly: Engage in chest-strengthening exercises for overall fitness.
  • Eat a Balanced Diet: Consume foods rich in skin-nourishing nutrients.
  • Stay Hydrated: Maintain skin plumpness by drinking enough water.
  • Avoid Smoking: Smoking can harm collagen and skin elasticity.
  • Moderate Alcohol: Limit alcohol intake for healthier skin.
  • Supportive Bras: Wear well-fitting, supportive bras for breast health.

Posture and Breast Health

Maintaining good posture is crucial for breast health. It involves an upright stance with your shoulders back, which helps evenly distribute the weight of the breasts, minimising strain on supporting ligaments and skin. Conversely, poor posture can contribute to sagging over time. Recognising this correlation underscores the importance of proper posture in preserving breast firmness and overall well-being.


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Can Saggy Breasts Become Firm?

Yes, saggy breasts can become firmer with suitable solutions. The extent to which firmness can be restored depends on factors such as the degree of sagging, age, and overall health. Common methods for achieving firmer breasts include exercise, strength training, and surgical procedures like breast lift surgery. Dr Doyle can provide personalised guidance on the most suitable approach for your specific situation.

Can Breastfeeding Cause Saggy Breasts?

Saggy breasts after breastfeeding may only cause temporary breast shape changes, including volume loss and ligament stretching, but it’s not the primary cause of saggy breasts. Genetics, age, weight fluctuations, and ageing play more significant roles. Lifestyle choices, such as exercise and wearing supportive bras, can help minimise these changes. If concerned, consult with a healthcare professional for guidance.

How Do You Fix Saggy Breast Implants?

Addressing saggy breast implants involves consulting a plastic surgeon to assess the situation. Solutions may include breast implant replacement for a better fit, a breast lift (mastopexy) to lift breast tissue and reposition implants, or a combination of procedures for optimal results. Following the surgeon’s post-op recommendations and wearing supportive bras are essential for maintaining results.

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