5 Ways to Get Natural-Looking Breasts

Natural vs. Fake Boobs: 5 Ways to Get Natural-Looking Breasts

A breast augmentation procedure, more commonly known as a boob job, is usually performed to improve the appearance of your breasts and to give them a perkier appearance. This procedure uses breast implants and can enhance the appearance of your breasts. The outcome of your boob job depends on whether you request natural-looking breasts or fake boobs, and the various breast implant options you choose before your surgery.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Boob job is the procedure of choice for you if you have lost a significant amount of weight or had multiple pregnancies, as a result of which, you have droopy breasts in appearance. The breast augmentation procedure may also be performed if you have naturally small or asymmetric or tubular breast and are extremely bothered by the appearance of your breasts.

Regardless of the reason, a breast augmentation procedure can improve your physical appearance. You will no longer have to worry about the way your breasts appear in certain clothing. After a boob job (breast augmentation), you can feel more comfortable in different clothing styles.

A well-done boob job gives your breast a well-contoured and rounder appearance without making them appear fake. In fact, if done properly with scars well hidden, no one will be able to tell if those are your natural breasts or implants. And that is the biggest advantage of a boob job (breast augmentation), as long as it is performed by a highly skilled and specialist plastic surgeon.

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Types of Breast Implants

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When deciding between breast implants, you need to look into each type of breast implant and the specific features of each implant. Researching this can be quite overwhelming which is why we have summarized the implant types and their benefits for you.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline Breast Implants are firm implants with a silicone shell and saline or saltwater filling. These implants can be inserted empty into your breasts and filled during the surgery, hence, only requiring a small incision. And if these implants were to rupture, the contents would be easily absorbed by the body without any harmful side effects. But rupturing would significantly deflate the breasts and make them appear droopy and empty.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone Breast Implants are pre-filled, contoured breast implants that require a slightly bigger incision. These implants appear more natural and even feel more natural than saline breast implants. Not just that, the shape of the breasts is less affected by the rupture of silicone breast implants. But you will still need to have the silicone gel and shell removed from your breast implant cavity, in case of a rupture.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Gummy Bear or Form Stable Breast Implants are firmer, with a thicker silicone gel than the traditional implants. These implants also maintain their shape in case of an implant rupture. They cause minimal, if any, rippling of the breast skin.  They have a teardrop shape which makes the breast look more natural than any other type of breast implant but if the implant rotates in the breast cavity, it can give the breast a malformed and distorted appearance, requiring correctional surgery.

Round Breast Implants

Round Breast Implants, as the name aptly describes, fill the breasts more than any other implant type. Due to their round structure, rotation of the implant and malformation of the breasts are not potential concerns for the round breast implants. These implants also give a higher profile to the breasts, which basically means that the breasts appear perky, more than they would with any other implant type.

You should discuss with your surgeon the size and the type of breast implant that will best suit your body type.

What Makes an Attractive Breast?

Features of Natural Breasts

Natural-looking breast implants are important for a boob job (breast augmentation) to be considered successful. There are quite a few features and aspects that are necessary for a breast implant to look like natural breasts, all of which are mentioned below:

  • The breast implant is proportional to the rest of your body and must not stand out as too small or too large.
  • The implant fits well into the breast cavity and hangs naturally due to the effects of gravity. It should not defy the rules of physics and stay upright and perky all the time. That is the easiest way to tell if a breast has an implant present.
  • The breast implant should be firm enough and soft enough to match the texture and feel of the natural breast tissue. While choosing breast implants, you need to pick the implant that feels just right.
  • There is no visible scarring that just screams that you have had a boob job. While undergoing the procedure you have to make sure that your surgeon hides all of the incisions in the natural contours and creases of your breasts.
  • The skin covering your breast is not rippled or overstretched over the implant. It should lie smoothly over the implant just like skin would over the breast tissue.
  • The breasts and the space between them should be natural and you should have realistic cleavage.

The shape of the breasts is not the only factor that is considered when assessing the authenticity of your breasts.

Before and After Breast Augmentation Images

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View all breast augmentation images by Dr Doyle Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Features of Fake Breasts

fake large breasts vs natural subtle boob job

Fake boobs are the result of botched plastic surgery and can be the reason for your misery. Fake breasts are usually too round and firm to touch, that it seems like two circular rocks have been placed inside your breasts instead of breast implants. Also, they appear as if you are wearing a push-up bra, all the time. This is the most common way in which one can tell if someone has had a boob job (breast augmentation) or not.

Fake boobs are also typically further apart from each other, something that never happens with natural breasts. Fake looking breasts have such unrealistic heights and spacing that they give an overly prominent cleavage and appear extremely unnatural. Along with that, they are usually too big and do not match the proportions of the body at all, hence making it obvious that they are fake.

When going for a breast augmentation procedure, you should consider certain factors to make sure that you do not end up with overly fake-looking breasts.

Although, some woman want their breasts to look as fake as possible. Dr Doyle prefers to only insert a realistic size and shape implant.

How to achieve natural-looking breasts?

To ensure that you are going to have natural appearing breasts, you need to keep in mind the following considerations when opting for a breast augmentation procedure.

My surgical technique and implant choice both in terms of projection, size and round vs tear drop shapes,  will change depending on whether patients desire a natural or fake look. The positioning of breast implants above or below the pectoral muscles will also affect the final result,” says Dr Doyle.

Choose the Right Implant Size

The size of your implant really determines how natural they may seem. Although most people think the bigger, they are, the better, this could not be farther from the truth. The size of the implant should suit your upper body type and not just some unrealistic beauty standard.

Dr Doyle will actually recommend the best implant size for you based on your body type and your expectations. You can also assess how the implants will look on your body with an implant sizer kit which allows you to try on implants before the procedure. Another way to know which implant looks best on your body type is by scouring through before and after pictures on your surgeon’s website for the breast augmentation procedure. That will help you get a clear idea of how different implant sizes fit on different bodies. Dr Doyle also uses 3D imaging to give you an idea as to which implants will best suit your body shape.

Choose the Right Implant Shape

Breast implants usually only have two shapes: round and teardrop. Choosing the right shape is quite important to achieve the best results from your breast augmentation procedure. Dr Doyle will assess your breast tissue, breast skin, and your body proportions before recommending the best implant shape for you.

While choosing between either of the shapes, you have to keep in mind the effects of gravity on your breasts. Whether you choose the teardrop or the round shape, there is a chance of them hanging low, and if you go for an implant that is too big or has a wider projection, then the effects of gravity might be exaggerated on your breasts. This results in an unnatural appearance of your breasts, so much so, that you might want to go for revision surgery.

Choose the Right Implant Type

The right implant type is the one that makes your breasts look perky, firm, and completely natural. If it makes your breasts stand out in a weird, extremely fake way, then that implant type is not the best choice for you, and you should consider a different implant type.

You should always follow Dr Doyle’s recommendation, read up on the pros and cons of your implant type, and look at before and after pictures for the specific implant type before settling for a single type of implant as this decision will stick with you for the next two decades or so of your life.

Choose the Right Implant Spacing and Placement Site

Generally, you are more likely to be careful about the size, shape, type of the implant. But you are likely to forget that they are not the only factors determining the results of your breast augmentation procedure. One of the biggest mistakes made when having a breast implant place is to not pay attention to space between your breasts. Most of the time, people can tell that someone has had a boob job (breast augmentation) by looking at the breasts and noticing the wide, unnatural space between the breasts.

Another important aspect of the breast augmentation procedure is the location or the site of implant placement. This can be above or below the muscle. If your implant is placed right under the skin (above the muscle) but is larger than your current breast size, then there is a possibility of the implant showing due to excessive stretching of breast skin. And if that happens, it is very noticable that your breasts are unnatural and fake.

I most commonly place my breast implants under the muscle because I believe the long term results are significantly better than above the muscle,” says Dr Doyle.

Always Choose a Specialist Surgeon

specialist plastic surgeon

Even if you do everything right and choose the best type and size and shape of the implant, your boob job can still result in malformed, asymmetric breasts if you do not have a skilled, specialist plastic surgeon performing the procedure. Choosing the right surgeon for your procedure can increase the chances of you achieving your desired results.

You can assess the ability of the surgeon by reading online reviews and testimonials about the doctor. Looking at before and after pictures on your surgeon’s website can also help you realize the skills and abilities of your surgeon better.

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