Breast Reconstruction Surgery Gold Coast

One of the most gratifying parts of our job at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery is in returning a sense of femininity to women who have battled breast cancer or breast or genetic defects. Dr Doyle is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with decades of experience helping clients reclaim and rejuvenate their appearance.

What is reconstructive breast surgery?

Breast reconstruction is complex. There are many factors and variables to consider in breast reconstruction, and when you visit us at Gold Coast Plastic Surgery a treatment plan with Dr Doyle will be formulated to meet your goals and needs. Because this procedure can be complex, it sometimes will need to be done over a few appointments.

Is breast reconstruction covered by Medicare?

This procedure is considered medical and subject to Medicare and Health Insurance rebates. You should always check with Medicare to see what paperwork you will need to fill out, as well as just how much of the procedure is covered. Please check with your health insurance provider to ensure they do offer a rebate on this surgery.

To learn more about breast reconstruction, please contact us today.