Skin Care Gold Coast

You only have to sit through a couple of hours of commercial TV to be bombarded with an overwhelming array of skin care products with their ‘scientific’ diagrams and promises of everlasting youth!

The fact is that all these creams and potions really do is sit on the surface of your skin and do very little else, so if you are looking for the ‘real deal’ in skin care then look no further.

Gold Coast Plastic Surgery is proud to introduce its own skin care range. Dr Mark Doyle’s “CURE” changes the way we treat our skin – with outstanding results.

CURE works at a much deeper level than other products on the market – CURE does not traumatise the surface (epidermis) as it is actually absorbed into the dermis where the true repair and restoration of the skin takes place. This revolutionary yet common-sense approach to skin health and restoration is based on the knowledge that, whilst symptoms of aging and skin conditions such as rosacea appear on the surface of the skin, the damage is actually deeper down in the dermis.

CURE uses the latest technology science has to offer and contains the most active natural ingredients that are liposome coated, ensuring penetration of CURE’s ingredients by 1000 percent! So with our skin’s natural defense barrier intact as well as real absorption of ingredients, Dr Doyle’s CURE then works on remodeling the dermis. Sun spots, pigmentation and wrinkles can now be treated and repaired at the deepest level and in the most effective way – from the inside out.