Clinical Peels – Neck and Facial Peels

At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery we aim to get your skin back to its natural glow that it had all those years ago.

Our MediSpa uses the Environ Cool Peel technology. It is a revolutionary approach to the concept of skin peeling. Environ’s main focus in skincare is to not put a strain on the skin but rather support the effects of the natural processes of healthy skin. Environ achieves this by prolonged application, to the skin of low percentage acid-based gels and creams. A series of light peels produce the appearance of healthier and smooth looking skin.

There are three types of chemical peels, each suited to different skin types and problems. The cool peel range was developed specifically to improve the texture and appearance of the skin of sun-damaged skin and uneven tone. Our LACM peels are popular with acne-prone skin as it refines and improves the skin with a course of light peels. Our peels are suitable for skin types that are sun damaged, fine lines and wrinkles as well as problematic skin conditions such as acne.

environ skin peel gold coast

Read more about the science behind the peels at the MargiFox Environ peel page

We recommend you commence on an Environ skincare regime for at least 2 weeks prior to receiving any Environ peel. This is to ensure the surface of the skin can achieve ultimate penetration. Environ peels will infuse ingredients deep into your skin to assist in the remodelling of your dermal layer.

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