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Fat-dissolving injectable treatments target stubborn fat that won’t budge with traditional weight loss methods. Double chin injections are useful for reducing the appearance of a double chin by removing moderate to severe submental fat (found under the chin). Here’s everything you need to know about getting this non-surgical injectable treatment for your double chin.

Benefits of Double Chin Injectables

Clinical trials have proven that these fat dissolving injections significantly reduce fat under the chin. In the cases studied, patients were found to have a significant increase in the contour of their chin.

The benefits of undergoing a non-surgical double chin treatment include:

  • Fat-dissolving injections are a long-term solution that eliminates stubborn fat cells that do not respond to diet and exercise.
  • The treatment can help to contour the jawline and improve your facial aesthetics.

Before this injectable treatment, liposuction and neck lifts were the only option for eliminating a double chin. While effective, both of these options are invasive and require a considerable amount of recovery time. This injectable treatment is a great alternative as it gives the same incredible results with limited downtime, less discomfort and no large surgery expense.

As a non-surgical procedure, you can expect:

  • No incisions
  • No stitches
  • No scarring, and
  • Limited downtime

How Does This Treatment Work?

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This fat-dissolving substance is a powerful enzyme that splits the fat cell membranes contained within the double chin. When these cell membranes are breached, the human body is able to dissolve the fat as waste material and eradicate it from the body.

The active ingredient is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body. In clinical trials, this naturally occurring substance was shown to successfully target fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. After effectively destroying the targeted fat cells, this excess fat is naturally eliminated from the body.

Am I A Good Candidate For Double Chin Fat Dissolving Injections?

Are you frustrated with stubborn neck fat? If you have a double chin that just won’t budge with diet or exercise, fat dissolving injections can be a great option. This is a non-surgical solution for both men and women and can create beautiful and natural results.

If you’re at a healthy weight but are still dealing with stubborn fat under your chin, you may be an ideal candidate for this treatment. If you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and are in good general health, you may be an ideal candidate for fat dissolving injections.

If you’re in your late 40s or older, a neck lift may be a better option for you. It’s important to remember that while it is an effective treatment for excess fat, fat dissolving injections can’t eliminate loose skin. Only a neck lift is able to remove excess or loose skin. If you have excess folds of skin, you will want to chat with Dr Doyle about possible surgical options.

Your Treatment

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This treatment typically takes about an hour from consultation to completion.

Similar to other cosmetic procedures like wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, a consultation is required. During the initial consultation, you will be able to ask us questions or address any concerns you may have regarding the fat dissolving injections.

Before beginning your treatment, your registered nurse may numb the area with local anaesthesia, a topical anaesthetic or alternatively, we can cool the skin with icepacks. The area will then be sterilised and marked with a special grid to allow for an accurate transfer of the solution. The treatment normally takes between 10-15 minutes.

The fat-dissolving injectable treatment will be injected into the fattiest area of your double chin first. Depending on the amount of fat you want to remove, you may be given around 20 small injections over the course of 15 to 20 minutes. As you will be numb, there will be minimal pain, so the exact number of injections will not have a major impact on your experience.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The majority of people find that two to four treatments achieve their ideal results. We suggest these treatments need to be scheduled at least one month apart to allow each treatment to become effective and for any swelling to subside. After each treatment, you will begin to notice that your double chin gets smaller over time.

What is the Recovery Period Like?

Following your fat-dissolving injectable treatment, it’s common to experience some level of swelling, redness, minor bruising, mild pain and/or numbness. These side effects should only last a few days however swelling may remain for 4 to 6 weeks while the treatment substance is dissolving the fat (this is an excellent indication that treatment is working).

During recovery, simple treatments of ice packs and over-the-counter pain relief medication should be enough to keep you feeling comfortable.

Book a Consultation

If you would like to find out more, or to begin your personalised double chin treatment plan, book your free consultation with one of our nurse injectors.

Meet Our Registered Nurse Injector Kim

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Kim is a dedicated registered nurse with over 13 years of nursing experience. She has a background in cosmetic, surgical, post-operative and primary health settings.  She prides herself on delivering consistently high-quality services and values her clients’ safety, satisfaction and ongoing relations.

Kim is patient-focused and has a proven ability to provide a professional, effective and caring service to all patients, where the patient feels comfortable and is confident in the knowledge that their welfare is her primary concern. She uses exceptional communication skills to provide positive outcomes for her patients using her experience, skills, eye for detail and education in the cosmetic and health industry.

Kim provides and administers injectable treatments tailored to individual needs whilst managing client expectations. Kim is experienced in anti-wrinkle injectionsdermal fillers,  submental fat dissolving injections and platelet-rich plasma treatments. She works within clearly defined treatment protocols whilst ensuring every client is cared for and treated to the highest ethical standards.

She is an expert at assessing and developing specific individual treatment plans for clients.

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