7 Medical Benefits of Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgery

Patients consider rhinoplasty or nose job surgery for one of two reasons. One is for cosmetic purposes and the other is for breathing or functional issues. This article will discuss the medical problems that people have with their noses and what Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Doyle can do to treat them. The medical benefits of rhinoplasty include treating breathing issues and a deviated septum.

Medical Benefit #1: Deviated Septum Treatment

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A deviated septum is a medical issue involving the partition in the nose.  The septum is the cartilage and bone that separates the left and right nostrils. Septal deviation is a problem where the septum shifts from its normal position. This may result in significant obstruction of the airway and difficulty breathing.  It can also cause other medical issues because of its structure blocking the airways.

Challenges of a Deviated Septum

A deviated septum leads to difficulty breathing through one or both nostrils. This limits the ability to get air through the nose and often makes it difficult to exercise. A deviated septum can cause medical problems such as snoring or sleep apnea. Rhinoplasty surgery, or Septoplasty surgery, may improve these medical issues. It is important to seek medical advice on whether a medical condition exists.

Deviated Septum Treatment

Patients with a deviated septum can enjoy the medical benefits of rhinoplasty. A septum can become deviated for many reasons. These include trauma, infection, or frequent congestion due to allergies. Dr Doyle can help fix this medical problem by performing a Septoplasty procedure. Here, he will put the deviated septum back in its normal anatomical position.

Medical Benefit #2: Breathing Problems

Another medical benefit of rhinoplasty surgery is that it can help treat breathing problems. Many patients seek medical attention because they have difficulty breathing. This may be due to a birth defect or injury and is often caused by the anatomy of their nose. More often than not, these breathing issues require surgical intervention.

Breathing Problems Treatment

There are a few medical procedures that Dr Doyle can perform to help improve your breathing. One such medical procedure is a Septoplasty. This medical procedure can help address medical breathing issues by straightening the septum. Other medical procedures that can improve breathing are Rhinoplasty surgery and Turbinectomy surgery.

Medical Benefit #3: Repair a Broken Nose

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A broken nose is a medical condition caused by an accident or sports injury. A broken nose can result in a medical deformity. As such, patients often seek medical attention to correct the problem. Fixing a broken nose is one of the primary medical benefits of rhinoplasty surgery.

Broken Nose Treatment

There are many medical treatments that Dr Doyle can perform to fix a broken nose. A few medical procedures that can be performed are Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, or Turbinectomy. These procedures can fix medical problems with a broken nose. They can also help improve the appearance of the nose. 

Medical Benefit #4: Nasal Obstruction Treatment

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Nasal obstruction is a medical issue where there is an obstruction in the nose. This leads to difficulty breathing. Nasal obstruction can be a result of a deviated septum, fractures in the nose bridge, nasal polyps or enlarged turbinate tissue.

Problems caused by Nasal Obstruction

Nasal obstruction can lead to unwanted medical issues. This includes difficulty breathing while exercising, poor sleep or congestion. Many need medical attention because they are unable to breathe through their nose.

What to Do About Nasal Obstruction

Dr Doyle is trained in the medical benefits of rhinoplasty. He can help patients with medical issues such as nasal obstruction. A procedure that Dr Doyle performs to correct this problem is a Septoplasty surgery.

Medical Benefit #5: Reduce Snoring & Sleep Apnea 

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Snoring is a medical condition where someone makes a noise while they are asleep. Snoring happens when you can’t move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. This medical condition is often caused by the anatomy of the nose. Snoring can lead to medical problems such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring Treatment

Dr Doyle can perform surgery to help patients with snoring. If snoring is due to the anatomy of the nose, Rhinoplasty surgery can help. During a nose job procedure, Dr Doyle can return the nose to its normal position to help correct snoring.

Although rhinoplasty can improve the airways, it won’t get rid of snoring completely. It also doesn’t improve sleep apnea completely. But, it is something that does help both those problems.

Medical Benefit #6: Reduce Sinus Issues


Sinusitis is a medical issue where there is inflammation in the sinus cavities. This may be a result of allergies, a deviated septum, or blocked nasal passages. The most common symptoms of sinusitis are headaches, facial pain, and nasal congestion.

Sinusitis Symptoms

Sinus issues can lead to medical problems such as a loss of smell, facial pain, and a decrease in overall quality of life. Patients with sinus issues often seek medical attention to improve their quality of life.

Sinusitus Treatment

Alleviating symptoms of sinusitis is one of the medical benefits of rhinoplasty surgery. Dr Doyle can help patients with sinusitis. Dr Doyle often performs Septo/Rhinoplasty surgery to correct this medical problem. This medical procedure can help open up the nasal passages and improve airflow.

Medical Benefit #7: Nose Job for Cosmetic Purposes

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It is possible to correct a medical deformity of the nose for cosmetic purposes. A rhinoplasty can help improve the appearance of the nose. It can also reduce medical issues associated with deformities.

Common Nose Deformities

A nose deformity is when there is a medical abnormality with the structure of the nose. This may be an enlarged tip, narrow nostrils, deviated septum or drooping skin on the bridge of the nose. Patients with medical deformities in the nose can experience medical issues. This might affect their breathing, medical appearance and social interactions.

Nose Deformity Treatment

Dr Doyle can help patients with deformities in the nose to improve their medical issues. Rhinoplasty, septoplasty or alarplasty (or a combination) can successfully treat nose deformities.

Medicare Rebates for Functional Rhinoplasty

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If you have problems with breathing, there are some Medicare benefits that are available to you. This means that you get a rebate back from Medicare and a rebate back from your health insurance company.

Please keep in mind that you will still have out of pocket costs for your surgery. Regardless, the amount of money you get back will help to offset some of the cost of your surgery.

Cosmetic Benefits of Rhinoplasty

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Another (non-medical) benefit of rhinoplasty is to improve the cosmetic appearance of your nose.

If you’re having surgery for breathing issues it is possible to change the appearance of your nose at the same time. This can be done as part of a joint procedure.

There are many benefits of cosmetic surgery to the nose. Dr Doyle can make the nose larger, smaller or change the position and size of the tip of the nose. He can also get rid of any bumps on the surface of the nose, and make a nose that’s more in proportion with the rest of your face.

If you would like to see how you can benefit from cosmetic rhinoplasty, try our free nose surgery simulator.

Can Rhinoplasty Boost Self-Esteem?

The health benefits of rhinoplasty also stretch beyond physical side effects. Nose job surgery can help improve your confidence too. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty can alter your nose, in turn boosting your self-esteem.

Book a Consultation

If you’d like to discuss rhinoplasty, either cosmetic or functional, please make an appointment with Dr Doyle. If you believe you can benefit from one of the listed medical benefits of rhinoplasty, book a consultation. Dr Doyle is always happy to go through the options available to you.

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