6 Medical Benefits of Breast Reduction

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Unfortunately, many women have quite significant symptoms associated with large breasts (breast hypertrophy). These include sore necks, divots in the shoulders, rashes underneath the breasts, inability to exercise or pain in the breasts. The list goes on and on. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces the breasts in size. As this reduces the weight of the breasts, these symptoms often improve. There are many medical benefits of breast reduction surgery that we’ll look at here.

Dr Doyle on Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr Mark Doyle is a Gold Coast-based Specialist Plastic Surgeon who specialises in Breast Reduction Surgery. He is very meticulous with all cosmetic breast surgery procedures, including all kinds of breast lifts and reductions.

Dr Doyle firmly believes in patient-centred care and will listen to your needs before recommending any treatment plan. Having performed thousands of surgeries in his 30-year career, Dr Doyle enjoys a reputation as one of Australia’s most respected and renowned specialist plastic surgeons.

Medical Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

1. Increased Mobility and Exercise Capacity

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One of the benefits of breast reduction is increasing mobility and exercise capacity. Many women with large breasts find it difficult to exercise due to the weight of their breasts. This is especially true for women who are overweight or obese.

After breast reduction surgery, these women are often more comfortable exercising. Because the surgery reduces the weight of their breasts, it hurts less to run, jump or even walk. As a result, women often find it easier to lose weight after their reduction surgery. This is because they can move more efficiently and without pain.

2. Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence

Although many women struggle with large breasts, large breasts have benefits as well. Yet, those benefits don’t outweigh the medical implications of very large breasts. Women may like the look of their breasts but suffer daily. If this is the case, breast reduction surgery may be worth considering.

One of the benefits of breast reduction is an increase in self-esteem and confidence. This is because many women feel like their breasts are too large or not in proportion with their bodies. In fact, studies show that many women report feeling more attractive after surgery. Breast reduction surgery can help a woman feel more comfortable in her own skin. As a result, this can boost her confidence.

3. Reduced Rash and Skin Problems

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Large breasts can often cause skin problems such as rashes. This is because the skin underneath the breasts sits on the abdominal skin and can become very moist particularly in hot and humid weather.  This can lead to significant rashes in this area.

Breast reduction surgery always involves lifting your breasts up. This stops the skin from rubbing on the chest wall and can make a big difference to symptoms and rashes in that area.

After breast reduction surgery, women often notice an improvement in their skin health. The rashes go away and the skin underneath the breasts becomes much healthier.

4. Reduced Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem for women with large breasts. Patients with very large breasts often get pain in the breasts and can also get pain in their back. This is often felt in the neck area, and sometimes down lower in the mid-chest area.

Why? This is because the weight of the breasts pulls on the back, causing pain and discomfort. Often, women find that they can’t stand or sit for long periods of time because the pain is too great.

After breast reduction, many women report a significant decrease in their back pain. This is because the weight of the breasts is no longer pulling on their back. In fact, many women find that they don’t have any back pain after their surgery.

5. Improved Posture and Balance

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Large breasts can also cause balance problems for women. When a woman has large breasts on her chest, she may lean forward to counterbalance her weight. This causes many different problems. Including swaying back, hunching over and tightness in the hamstrings. Unfortunately, these problems often go unnoticed until they become unbearable.

After breast reduction surgery, many women find that their posture improves. This is because they are no longer leaning to counterbalance the weight of their breasts. Also, many women find that their balance improves after surgery. This is because they’re now carrying less weight on their chest and don’t have to worry about counterbalancing that weight.

6. Improved Breathing Ability

Large breasts can also cause breathing problems for women. This is because the weight of the breasts compresses the lungs and prevents them from expanding all the way. This often leads to shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.

After breast reduction surgery, many women find that their breathing ability improves. This is because breast reduction reduces their breasts so their lungs are less compressed. In fact, many women find that they can breathe easier after surgery.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

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In summary, the benefits of breast reduction include:

  • Improved appearance
  • Reduced back pain
  • Reduced skin problems
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Improved breathing ability

If you’re considering breast reduction, consult with Dr Doyle to learn more about the benefits of breast reduction surgery.

Medicare Coverage of Breast Reduction Surgery

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Because breast reduction is a procedure that can benefit your health, rebates are available. You may get money back from Medicare and from your health insurance. You don’t have to have specific symptoms to qualify.

Please keep in mind that you will still have out of pocket costs for your surgery. Regardless, the amount of money you get back will help to offset some of the cost of your surgery.

Cosmetic Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

When it comes to breast reduction surgery, many women think only of the medical benefits. But, there are also some cosmetic benefits to gain from this procedure. In fact, many women find that they look and feel better after their surgery. Some of the benefits include:

  • All breast reductions include a breast lift. This lift helps you to achieve nipples that point upwards at a 45-degree angle. Researchers consider this to be the most attractive breast shape.
  • Your new breast size is up to you. You can choose how small you’d like to go. So because you have G cup breasts, that doesn’t mean you need to reduce them to an A cup. It’s up to your personal preference and Dr Doyle will work with you to get the look you desire. A reduction around a C cup in size is a common request.
  • You can reshape or resize your areola – the skin surrounding the nipple. Most women choose to reduce the size of their areola.

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If you have problems associated with your large breasts, please make the time to come and see Dr Doyle. He’s happy to discuss the options with you and the surgical techniques he can use to get the best result for you.

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