Hybrid Breast Augmentation: Breast Implants & Fat Transfer

Hybrid Breast Augmentation on the Gold Coast QLD – Everything to Know

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is done to enhance the shape and appearance of your breasts using implants, your body fat, or both. As the name suggests, Hybrid breast augmentation is the latest version of the traditional breast augmentation technique which involves enhancing the shape and appearance of your breast using both implants AND fat transfer. The surgery has very high satisfaction rates as it can deliver improved contours and cleavage.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Mark Doyle offers several breast implant types and options to suit you. He can use implants and more of your own fat to enhance your breast size, shape and feel. As an experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Queensland, Dr Mark can provide you with a caring, supportive environment, and decades of experience to help you achieve your desired breast shape and size.

What is hybrid breast augmentation surgery?

hybrid boob job procedure gold coast queensland

Hybrid breast augmentation or composite breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to increase and enhance the size and shape of your breasts using breast implants and the transfer of fat cells from excess deposits in your own body. Your own transferred or grafted fat cells help augment results obtained from implant placement. Although an Augmentation or Boob Job is a common procedure among women, there are several things to consider when deciding to undergo the procedure. There are different alternatives to undergoing breast augmentation – it can be done using only fat cells or only implants as well.

During your consultation, Dr Mark will discuss with you various alternatives, different implant types and sizes and will examine your body for prospective sites for fat removal to help you achieve the best results.

During your hybrid breast augmentation consultation at our clinic in the Gold Coast, Dr Mark will help you determine exactly what size and shape you would like depending on the dimension of your breasts and chest anatomy. He will use Crisalix 3D imaging to allow you to preview the expected results from your hybrid boob job.

Generally, Dr Mark will recommend choosing an implant of a slightly smaller size as the fat transferred will also add some volume to your breasts. Fat for the procedure will be removed from your own body from sites where there are adequate fat deposits using cannula liposuction. Dr Doyle will also discuss the procedure of the surgery, recovery, and risks involved as well. He will answer any questions you might have about the surgery itself. He will also help you set realistic expectations regarding the surgery.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Breast Augmentation surgery?

  • Hybrid breast augmentation gives you a more naturally enlarged look to your breasts. It can help to improve your breast cup size, your side profile or side boob, and the size, shape, and location of your nipples
  • If you have very little breast tissue, augmenting using an implant alone can result in you having implant-related rippling. By transferring fat tissue from your own body the incidence of post-operative rippling or being able to feel the implant are significantly reduced as it adds more volume to your breast.
  • It helps add balance to your figure and enhance body proportions by improving the way your chest looks.
  • Fuller-looking breast obtained following the surgery is associated with a significant boost in self-confidence with reduced self-image-related issues.
  • Liposuction can reduce fat from problem areas causing you to look slimmer and more contoured after surgery.

Am I a good candidate for composite breast augmentation?

You might be a good candidate for a composite breast augmentation if:

  • You have realistic expectations about the results of surgery.
  • You are in a good state of physical and mental health
  • You have adequate stores of fat in your body which can be removed and transferred to your breasts.
  • You want a more natural-looking enlarged breast.
  • You want to improve the way your cleavage looks.
  • If you are a smoker, you should be ready to give up smoking before and after the surgery during the recovery period.

Dr Mark will help you set realistic expectations by showing you multiple before and after pictures and will also show what the changes may look like in you using 3D planning tools. It helps you get a rough idea as to how the results may look – it is however not 100% accurate as different factors may vary the final results. It is very important to communicate with your surgeon before the operation to know if the procedure is an ideal fit for you

Book a consultation with Dr Mark now to find out if you are an ideal candidate for Hybrid breast augmentation.

What’s involved in a hybrid breast augmentation procedure?

liposuction fat transfer by Dr doyle plastic surgeon

Hybrid breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure to increase and enhance the size and shape of your breasts using both implants and fat transfer. It is a two-part technique involving implant placement and liposuction to remove fat cells and then transfer them to your breasts to add more volume to your implant-enhanced breast size and shape. The fat is strategically placed around the implants and in the cleavage to achieve a more natural-looking breast.

Hybrid breast augmentation surgery typically takes about an hour or two to complete. Your surgeon will make every effort to ensure that your incisions are as small as possible.

The following steps outline the stages of the procedure itself:

1. Anesthesia

You will be sedated using IV medications or general anesthesia. This helps make the procedure more comfortable. Dr Mark will recommend the best choice for your condition.

2. Liposuction

Small, inconspicuous incisions are made around the target site from where fat is to be removed. Through the incision, a thin cannula is inserted and moved in a back and forth motion to make the fat cells lose and dislodge them. These dislodged fat cells are then suctioned out with the help of a syringe and purified. The small incisions are then stitched.

3. Making the incision for implant placement

Breast implant placement above below muscle

Incisions around your breasts are made in inconspicuous areas to make post-operative scarring less visible. Dr Mark will discuss with you which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome based on the type of breast implant, degree of enlargement required, and your anatomy. Through the incision, a pocket is made to accommodate breast implants. The pocket is made either:

4. Inserting the breast implant

After creating a pocket of suitable size the implant is then placed in it using a sterile no-touch technique. The size of the implant depends on the amount of fat extracted by liposuction. Usually, implants of smaller cup sizes are chosen but if you do not have adequate fat stores larger implants may be required. Dr Mark will help you make the correct decision regarding the implant size.

5. Closing the incisions

Incisions are closed with layered sutures in the breast tissue. The quality of the scar after the surgery depends on your genetics, exposure of your body to nicotine, and infection.

6. Fat transfer

The fat suctioned from liposuction is then deposited in the predetermined area in the breast. Under local anesthetic fat cells will be superficially injected into the tissues rich in blood supply as; this is crucial for fat survival as the extracted fat cells don’t have their blood supply. After adequate fat is deposited the incisions will be sealed and the site of the fat graft will then be dressed.

7. Post-Op recovery

Immediately after the procedure, you will be expected to develop pain swelling and soreness in both the site of liposuction and your breasts which will gradually fade away. The procedure can be done as a day stay or You may be required to stay in the hospital overnight to monitor your condition. Your doctor will prescribe your medications to reduce pain and swelling.

How long does it take to recover from hybrid breast augmentation?

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Techniques are being constantly refined to allow women to undergo surgery, recover, and resume their daily routines in the shortest timeframe possible but you need to rest and heal in a calm and relaxing environment. Physical activities should be minimal and strenuous activities and exercises should be avoided.

While sleeping or sitting your upper body should be raised by about 30 degrees, especially during the first week following the surgery. It helps reduce your swelling and facilitates early wound healing. You should sleep on your back for a few weeks after the surgery to prevent the implant from slipping

Normal activities can be resumed as per the recommendation of your surgeon. Generally, you can resume your work after a week of the surgery as most swelling will have reduced by then. Strenuous activities should be avoided for about 6 weeks following the surgery. Using a supportive sports bra can help keep the implant in position. . If your pain has subsided and you are out of pain medication, driving can be resumed after 2 weeks of the surgery. Breast massages should be avoided for an initial few weeks following the surgery as it may cause fat cells in breasts to dislodge. Smoking should be avoided during the recovery phase (at least 3 weeks) as it is associated with poor and delayed wound healing. Also, it may destroy the transferred fat cells. It would be best if you avoided smoking as it destroys the implanted fat cells eliciting inflammatory reactions.

Why choose Dr Mark Doyle?

Dr Mark is a highly skilled and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon with multiple years of training. He puts his patient’s safety and wellbeing as his priority. He approaches every case with up-to-date knowledge and highly innovative techniques.

Hybrid boob job FAQs

hybrid breast augmentation queensland gold coast

Is it worth undergoing breast augmentation?

It can be worth getting breast implants if:

  • You are healthy
  • You want naturally enhanced and enlarged breasts
  • You have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure
  • Small breast size is causing you to have issues related to self-image

How much will breast augmentation surgery cost?

Hybrid breast augmentation is a highly individualized plastic surgical procedure requiring much more skill than just an implant. The cost of hybrid breast augmentation surgery differs upon your requirements. Some of the elements that are included in the final cost include the implants as well as the hospital and anesthetist fees. Since this is a cosmetic procedure done without much medical necessity, it typically won’t attract a Medicare rebate unless done for congenital reasons such as asymmetry correction.

To receive a more accurate estimate of what you can expect to spend on hybrid breast surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr Doyle. You can access our list of patient resources to find about more about the cost of hybrid breast augmentation surgery:

Where does the fat come from?

The fat to be transferred to your breast following implant placement comes from fat deposits in your own body typically hips, belly or thigh. Fat cells are extracted by the process of liposuction.

How is the fat processed for transfer?

Dr Mark uses Motiva’s Puregraft, a sealed surgical system for filtering and preparing your removed lipoaspirate to create better quality fat for injection.

Is a sports bra useful after hybrid breast augmentation?

The use of a supportive sports bra following hybrid breast augmentation helps provide support to the breast. It also helps keep the implant in position and promotes early wound healing. You should wear these supportive garments for the first six weeks following surgery for the best results.

What are the benefits of hybrid breast augmentation over traditional methods of breast augmentation like breast implants?

Dr Doyle can sculpt your breast using added fat in ways that using an implant alone cannot. It helps you get a more natural look to your breast using slightly smaller implants. Using smaller implants substantially reduces the chances of implant drooping (more with larger implants). Fat transfer after breast implant placement helps fine-tune the shape of implants and reduce any breast asymmetry.

How long do breast implants last?

The average lifespan of a breast implant is about 20-25 years. Newer implants last longer compared to traditional implants. The quality of the implant and the surgery plays a crucial role in determining how long the implant lasts. Dr Mark only uses the highest quality breast implants.

Which type of breast implant is right for me?

There are three main types of breast implants that you can choose from:

Saline implants: In these implants, the shells are filled with saline after they have been inserted into the breast pocket. As a result, smaller incisions need to be made for implant placement.

Silicone implants: These implants are filled with a silicone gel. These implants are more natural-looking when compared to saline-based implants.

Gummy bear: These are very similar to silicone implant but are far more stable and remain in place even if the implant ruptures.

Dr Doyle will take you through these options and the different sizes that are available during your appointment. You will have the opportunity to try different size implants by using a specialized bra. This will help you envision what your results will look and feel like.

 Am I too young or too old to undergo hybrid breast augmentation surgery?

Irrespective of your age if you feel you can benefit from hybrid breast augmentation you should schedule a consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon. Generally, this surgery is indicated only after your breast tissues have completely developed, which is usually after 18 years of age. As pregnancy can affect the result of the surgery, you are recommended to wait until you have completed your family before undergoing the procedure.

What are the potential risks of breast augmentation?

Hybrid breast augmentation is a safe surgery but it is not risk-free. It is important to understand all of the potential risks associated with it before the procedure itself as it will help you take the appropriate steps to avoid them.

Any surgical procedure carries some risk of infection, severe bruising, or adverse reaction in response to anesthetics. In hybrid breast augmentation surgery, there is the possibility of complications related to breast implants and liposuction. Possible risks include:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Temporary changes in nipple and breast sensation
  • Implant rupture
  • Lump formation around the breast
  • Fat necrosis
  • Breast asymmetry

To find out if hybrid breast augmentation is right for you, book a consultation with Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Mark on the Gold Coast.

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